Milestone 0.5.5 - bugfixing

Completed 7 years ago (Dec 19, 2011, 10:39:34 PM)


Total number of tickets: 7 - closed: 7 - active: 0

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  • Improved usability of contact info update page (ticket #1555):
    • Mandatory fields now marked
    • Error message at top more visible
    • Error messages now underneath problematic field and more specific
    • Problematic field is highlighted
    • Open correct tab on error
    • Renamed "zip" to "postal code"
    • Replaced "submit" with "Save Profile" on submit button
  • Fixed "mark as spam" functionality in messages - now we are notified again (ticket #1554)
  • Allowing new, not approved members (Pending status) to send messages to other users (ticket #1486)
  • Removed option "Who would you like to receive messages from? (All members / Approved members only)" from preferences
  • Added email notification if a profile comment is added or updated (ticket #1539)
  • Added warning near login field if cookies are disabled (ticket #281)
  • Added number of user photos to left-hand navigation of profile page
  • Moved blog and trips down in left-hand navigation on profile page
  • Removed name of poster in subject of forum notification mail (ticket #1492)
  • Fixed link for contacting treasurer on donations page (ticket #1273)
  • Removed a few pointers to /people URL (#1560)
  • Added new internal config options
  • Added convenience methods in i18n and members modules
  • Fixed copyleft date and correct language in outgoing emails

Thanks to bikepunk, coroa, crumbking, jeanyves, matthias, lupochen, pablobd, planetcruiser and steinwinde for helping.

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