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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#330 document current back-up and recovery strategy new planetcruiser task blocker unassigned
#1498 Delete gallery from retired people new mahouni bug critical backlog
#1728 Find a way to avoid comment spam new globetrotter_tt task critical backlog
#1743 Hidden groups are not really hidden new jsfan bug critical unassigned
#1767 group member settings new improve feature critical unassigned
#1855 Privacy: RETIRED people show up with profile thumb in the forum assigned mahouni bug critical backlog
#1877 Generated images not browser cached assigned laurentS bug critical unassigned
#1976 Privacy settings for blogs do not work correctly new bug critical backlog
#2248 stiky header on small screens do not allow to select all items on menues new bug critical unassigned
#2254 Search by group leaks private information new bug critical unassigned
#2267 Do not allow to delete account without signing new improve feature critical unassigned
#129 message/newsletter: expeditor of the email sent to personal mailbox assigned laurentS improve feature major backlog
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins assigned shevek new feature major unassigned
#441 pictures in gallery not available new bug major unassigned
#498 translation tool: changing language when editing an entry should ask for confirmation assigned Tsjoek improve feature major unassigned
#657 Provide a way to see the history of change on a word new improve feature major unassigned
#1155 Add localised groups new micha improve feature major unassigned
#1159 Option to merge groups new fake51 new feature major
#1287 Migrate, refactor and fix admin debug tool reopened fake51 improve feature major
#1319 forum notification (options ?) new improve feature major unassigned
#1324 edit forum tags reopened improve feature major
#1325 Group deletion should delete group forum threads new fake51 improve feature major
#1330 "Old pages" layout assigned planetcruiser bug major Legacy Resolved
#1355 SEO URL re-write new Fake51 improve feature major unassigned
#1431 forum notification - not for topic starter assigned jeanyves improve feature major
#1514 Archive BeVolunteer wiki and forum assigned planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1547 Autosave while clicking setlocation link on profile edit form new bug major
#1550 redirect after update my location new coroa bug major
#1551 Search trips creates an error new bug major
#1589 Finish "last comments" implementation new planetcruiser new feature major In Discussion
#1598 Username check at signup too late needs_work matt bug major unassigned
#1610 Wrong error message when opening hidden forum thread new bug major
#1652 Wrong relation messages on the personal start page new bug major
#1661 Missing wiki pages new bug major unassigned
#1682 Error: Map Search while using Pagination on Win7/IE 9 new bug major backlog
#1685 Send mails for special relationships new improve feature major
#1708 Tags can be edited but are not updated new bug major unassigned
#1727 Improving the Control of visibility to humans and bots new improve feature major
#1736 Target field in Insert/Edit link, has no effect needs_work TimLoal bug major backlog
#1740 admin words - check for right html and expected formated string new improve feature major
#1751 MOD_images_Image accepts images which it then refuses to process new bug major unassigned
#1787 Remove numbers from map search labels (conditionally) new bug major backlog
#1790 verification page shows the data of the wron information assigned shevek bug major backlog
#1794 retrieve most active groups and groups with most new members new unknown major In Discussion
#1795 "send message" button missing new improve feature major unassigned
#1796 Update location/signup doesn't work correctly new unknown major backlog
#1797 Update location/signup should only show cities/towns/villages and only those starting with the entered text assigned shevek unknown major backlog
#1808 changing name or adress in profile doesnt' invalidate the verification new bug major backlog
#1820 Quicksearch does not work properly new bug major backlog
#1833 Spam protection shouldn't count invite a friend mails new improve feature major unassigned
#1834 Remove country flag from blog posts and trips new improve feature major unassigned
#1839 Search results (last login time) new improve feature major unassigned
#1844 Search: Some location say no members found but shouldn't new unknown major unassigned
#1851 allow member to chose location of pin in the map search new improve feature major
#1861 group search should also search group descriptions new bug major unassigned
#1871 locations widget new unknown major unassigned
#1874 Volunteer menu new unknown major unassigned
#1876 Add to forum topics a small group picture beside group names on the forum page new unknown major In Discussion
#1878 Switching between profile languages sometimes fails when UI language switches new unknown major unassigned
#1879 Error in verification overview new bug major backlog
#1883 Replace byCategory with featured groups on forum sidebar new unknown major unassigned
#1887 Forum reply page shows old thread title if changed by moderator new unknown major unassigned
#1888 Profile comments should be translatable as well new improve feature major unassigned
#1889 Add an "archived" folder for messages new improve feature major unassigned
#1897 API: Add form for API key generation new planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1898 API: Add support for API keys new planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1902 privacy issue: upcoming trips and next visitors of your place shows protected and private subtrip/blog entries needs_work bug major In Discussion
#1905 Cron job to marble forum post doesn't work correctly new bug major unassigned
#1906 API: Add support for authentication new planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1907 Allow importing and exporting profile data. new new feature major unassigned
#1908 API: Add support for writing profile data new planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1909 API: Write Terms of Service/Use new planetcruiser task major unassigned
#1910 Saving preferences redirects to BW in the preferred language new bug major unassigned
#1911 Forum und groups subscriptions not working properly new bug major unassigned
#1919 Some group descriptions can't be updated new unknown major unassigned
#1920 cannot change group settings new bug major unassigned
#1926 security page new improve feature major unassigned
#1952 bootstrap new crumbking new feature major unassigned
#1958 Group description new improve feature major unassigned
#1972 group settings for visibility of threads not working reopened bug major unassigned
#1984 Doubled entry for "preferred language" new bug major unassigned
#1986 Mainpage - tab: find a host, quicksearch broken new bug major backlog
#1988 Personal setting for visibility of posts new improve feature major unassigned
#1993 Maximum resolution of profile picture is never displayed new improve feature major unassigned
#2012 SSL situation summary new improve feature major unassigned
#2033 Admin comment tool should include history of comments new improve feature major backlog
#2036 add rights for blogs, trips and activities. allow admin acces to those tools for edit or delete new improve feature major unassigned
#2044 Tool to save and share Safety Team dossiers and file repository new new feature major backlog
#2057 Permalinks not working in two-pages thread new bug major unassigned
#2063 The last post that is shown on the overview and discussion pages should not have the status deleted new bug major unassigned
#2064 Allow login with an e-mail address new improve feature major unassigned
#2065 Changing from mapview to textview refreshes the page and results get lost new bug major backlog
#2073 Make processed spam reports easily available new improve feature major backlog
#2080 Make real name and DoB unchangeable new sitatara improve feature major backlog
#2084 Disable messages to people who have deleted their profile new bug major backlog
#2089 misssing geonames info for buenos aires new bug major
#2100 Adding a releated group via link as not logged in member should redirect new bug major unassigned
#2103 Empty message when requesting to join a group if translation does not exist new bug major unassigned
#2104 Impossible to post message in some less used languages new bug major unassigned
#2109 missing "delete" option in polls new bug major unassigned
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