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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1877 Generated images not browser cached laurentS bug critical FrameWork
#1948 Gallery: Some special characters create errors when used in a picture description matt bug minor BW Gallery
#2013 new topic button in groups overview shevek bug minor BW Group
#2222 Search - IE 8 UI bugs crumbking bug minor BW Search
#498 translation tool: changing language when editing an entry should ask for confirmation Tsjoek improve feature major BW Internationalization
#1997 Improve FAQ admin tool sitatara improve feature minor BW Admin
#2281 Change wordcodes on GetActive page amnesiac84 improve feature trivial BW About
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins shevek new feature major BW Profile
#2261 Allow email reply to messages leoalone new feature major BW Mail
#1514 Archive BeVolunteer wiki and forum planetcruiser task major BW Wiki
#1784 set up piwik goals (e.g. signup) guaka unknown minor ServerSetup
#1927 Make trip view 2 columns shevek unknown minor BW Trips

Status: closed (88 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#257 you can easily write positive comments without meeting the person you write about micha bug major BW Profile duplicate
#353 Small problems in the notification sent to the receiver of a new comment (when AddComment is used) bug minor BW General wontfix
#527 After deleting an IM-Account the empty Icon is still on a profile bug minor BW Profile invalid
#565 Synchronize user table (MyTB) and members table (BW), and make login more reliable. bug major BW Database wontfix
#586 Home page displays "New comments" after the new comments have been read. bug minor BW Mail wontfix
#669 Resultpage of quicksearch doesn't "survive" updates bug minor BW Search fixed
#672 Quicksearch show two results for the same profile jeanyves bug major BW General fixed
#676 FAQs and language selection bug minor BW Internationalization worksforme
#714 Linebrakes get lost while posting in forum with disabled javascript bug major BW Forum wontfix
#931 You must be at least 0 years - bug bug major BW Profile worksforme
#1104 Formating don't work in BW forum bug major BW Forum fixed
#1127 External Links in BW-Forum aren't displayed proberly jeanyves bug major BW Forum fixed
#1134 Forum app through groups pages has bugs bug minor BW Forum worksforme
#1158 Deleted pictures aren't deleted on server bug major BW Profile
#1226 error in php error logs map.php micha bug major BW Trips wontfix
#1252 Problem login in after confirmation link when your are invited in a group Fake51 bug minor BW Group fixed
#1275 Problem with some groups name translations jeanyves bug major BW Group invalid
#1293 When an empty Description is enter for a chat room and empty translation is created jeanyves bug minor BW Internationalization wontfix
#1305 Chat: Allwo to notify the user when some new message is added in a chat windows he has open bug major BW General invalid
#1322 BeWelcome Wiki - accumulative bugs bug major BW Wiki wontfix
#1328 Trips - map is broken bug major BW Trips wontfix
#1331 add language button in the editmyprofile page bug minor BW Profile wontfix
#1333 Admin word language field bug fake51 bug minor BW Admin invalid
#1373 profile does not appear in group memberlist Fake51 bug minor BW Group worksforme
#1374 Language switching does not work in preferences bug major BW Internationalization worksforme
#1433 Small bug: message after subscribing to a tag jeanyves bug minor BW Forum fixed
#1531 Users from small towns don't appear on the map bug major BW Geo duplicate
#1552 Server domain redirects planetcruiser bug minor ServerSetup wontfix
#1560 /people/ and /members/ generate duplicate search engine content bug minor BW Profile fixed
#1570 Adding a language not working bug trivial BW Profile wontfix
#1578 "Recent forum post" keeps displaying forum messages from groups I left bug major BW Forum invalid
#1596 Zoom effects don't run on IE bug minor BW Profile wontfix
#1605 unexpected "New topic" button for the groups I don't belong Fake51 bug major BW Group duplicate
#1606 broken "Add a note" function bug major BW Profile duplicate
#1609 buttons break in some languages bug trivial BW Layout duplicate
#1614 Database table geonames_cache inconsistent bug minor BW Geo wontfix
#1629 Parts of a profile duplicate themselves bug major BW Profile fixed
#1644 Update location: Sighişoara not found planetcruiser bug major BW Profile wontfix
#1663 Order of latest comments in profile is not correct bug major BW Profile worksforme
#1668 ErfurtWiki contained in Rox not fit for PHP 5.3 jsfan bug major BW Wiki wontfix
#1669 wrong comment numbers on the map search bug minor BW Search fixed
#1673 script for pages not loaded in main.js mahouni bug major FrameWork wontfix
#1679 missing group name in the notfication on the internal startpage bug major BW Layout worksforme
#1691 Part of the profile untranslatable bug major BW Profile worksforme
#1723 OTRS missing spell checker planetcruiser bug major ServerSetup wontfix
#1735 Tags and Visibility changes to existing Thread have no effect bug major BW Forum duplicate
#1747 bug: relation description does not show up on profile shevek bug major BW Profile invalid
#1749 "Reply" button disappears on forum pages when zooming in and out in Chrome bug major BW Layout duplicate
#1758 Wiki won’t take some characters, especially typographic apostrophy bug major BW Wiki wontfix
#1780 multiple sql escaping when writing to memberstrads lantti bug major BW Database fixed
#1786 OSM: Only google layer in MapSearch with IE10 bug major BW Geo invalid
#1792 one member can't change his profile summary bug major BW Profile duplicate
#1826 Wrong text on blogs headers sanderr bug minor BW Blogs duplicate
#1854 Reverse order in messages bug trivial BW Mail wontfix
#1862 newsletters archive not working bug minor unknown wontfix
#1867 No mention of any minimal age in the Terms of use of BeWelcome bug major unknown invalid
#1913 Nasty message to comments bugs bug critical unknown invalid
#1935 Adding of Related Groups should be a group admin privilege bug major BW Group wontfix
#1937 update Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wrong region name bug major BW Geo duplicate
#1943 Include successor states of Nethelands Antilles in list of countries bug minor BW Geo duplicate
#1971 Remove editing option for tags bug minor BW Forum duplicate
#1977 Privacy setting for trips do not work at all bug critical BW Trips duplicate
#2005 profile translation disappeared bug major BW Profile duplicate
#2014 String ActivityJoinTheFun is misleading bug major unknown duplicate
#2053 Member cannot edit one field in his profile shevek bug minor BW Profile fixed
#2060 Privacy issue: file name of pictures in gallery is displayed bug major BW Gallery worksforme
#2088 Error when looking at deleted member profile bug minor BW Profile worksforme
#2131 sort by comments not working bug major BW Search wontfix
#2138 Member of neighboring places appear in search. bug major BW Search wontfix
#2146 Unable to log in bug blocker BW Signup worksforme
#2151 Elstertrebnitz is not found on city list bug minor BW Geo invalid
#2157 New members cannot register beatnickgr bug blocker BW Signup worksforme
#2159 New members cannot register (2) bug blocker BW Profile invalid
#2161 permalinks don't work when thread is more than 1 page long. bug major BW Forum duplicate
#2188 Polish characters are not shown correctly in comments to activities bug minor BW Activities worksforme
#2193 Visibility of threads in a group bug minor BW Group duplicate
#2199 Site down planetcruiser bug blocker ServerSetup worksforme
#2256 translation volunteers lost access to admin words under vol menu shevek bug blocker unknown worksforme
#2259 Message notification sent 2 times bug major BW Mail worksforme
#2269 Footer in the middle of comment page railslide bug critical BW Profile worksforme
#2283 failing migrations on the developer database dump bug minor FrameWork duplicate
#95 forum rights system jeanyves improve feature major BW Forum wontfix
#142 Comments page: FAQ links for people with no comments improve feature minor BW Profile wontfix
#165 Splitting the database improve feature major FrameWork wontfix
#200 Provide a way to rename translation words and to copy them improve feature major BW Internationalization wontfix
#236 Show unread/unseen comments and visitors on mainpage improve feature minor BW General wontfix
#272 Title for BW pages guaka improve feature major BW Layout wontfix
#284 Cannot send and lost of write message if log-ed-out improve feature major BW General worksforme
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