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#1920 cannot change group settings bug major BW Group
#1926 security page improve feature major unknown
#1952 bootstrap crumbking new feature major BW Layout
#1958 Group description improve feature major BW Group
#1984 Doubled entry for "preferred language" bug major BW Database
#1988 Personal setting for visibility of posts improve feature major BW Forum
#1993 Maximum resolution of profile picture is never displayed improve feature major BW Gallery
#2012 SSL situation summary improve feature major unknown
#2036 add rights for blogs, trips and activities. allow admin acces to those tools for edit or delete improve feature major BW Admin
#2057 Permalinks not working in two-pages thread bug major BW Forum
#2063 The last post that is shown on the overview and discussion pages should not have the status deleted bug major BW Forum
#2064 Allow login with an e-mail address improve feature major unknown
#2100 Adding a releated group via link as not logged in member should redirect bug major BW Group
#2103 Empty message when requesting to join a group if translation does not exist bug major BW Group
#2104 Impossible to post message in some less used languages bug major BW Forum
#2109 missing "delete" option in polls bug major unknown
#2110 groups admin cannot edit groups bug major BW Group
#2111 duplicate notification from forums bug major BW Forum
#2112 Put BW related Groups under "BW forum" bug major BW Forum
#2113 Removal of Queries for BW volunteers broken bug major BW Admin
#2114 Numbers in list and on map don't correspond. bug major unknown
#2117 moderators tool: only moderators can reply doesn't work bug major BW Admin
#2118 Pagination doesn't work when mods lock a thread using expiration date bug major BW Admin
#2121 Allow recurring activities improve feature major BW Activities
#2129 Forum e/mail notifications arrive with date-time of submitting to MTA and not date-time of original post. bug major unknown
#2130 "Compose message" button improve feature major BW Mail
#2133 Profile language bug major BW Internationalization
#2134 Reply to activity improve feature major BW Forum
#2136 Add the possibility to reply to hosting requests via e-mail improve feature major unknown
#2139 Allow administrators of closed group to see the motivation field of people asking to enter improve feature major BW Group
#2154 Language sorting in the UI improve feature major BW Internationalization
#2158 Flag Activities & make it possible for a moderator to delete/edit them. improve feature major BW Activities
#2162 join past activities improve feature major BW Activities
#2163 outgoing messages not in the outbox. bug major BW Mail
#2170 Have a specific button to send hospitality requests new feature major BW Mail
#2181 problem with long words bug major BW Group
#2189 Suggestion 91: Add a subject for messages shevek improve feature major BW Mail
#2191 Do not send notifications when translations are added bug major BW Group
#2192 Do not send notifications when translations are immediately edited bug major BW Group
#2201 Add/delete solution - error bug major BW Suggestions
#2205 Cleanup: Remove usage of geonames_cache and similar tables task major BW Geo
#2207 inconsistencies in cryptedfields table bug major BW Database
#2209 Create a more realistic and userfriendly testenvironment improve feature major FrameWork
#2225 Improve procedure invitations for groupmembers improve feature major BW Group
#2229 Updating location doesn't work on Firefox (Android) unknown major unknown
#2234 After deactivating and reactivating an activity, people who had "maybe" or "no" status appear as "yes" bug major BW Activities
#2253 Trips show outdated informations improve feature major BW Trips
#2257 Cannot edit an event bug major BW Activities
#2260 Unable to log to www with elinks, works on beta (as 2015-01-14) bug major ServerSetup
#2271 It is not possible to resign for a closed group before being accepted bug major BW Group
#2273 403 Forbidden during introductory tour bug major BW Signup
#2277 Remove automatic hosting status at signup amnesiac84 improve feature major BW Signup
#2278 Restrict discussion in the Suggestion group amnesiac84 improve feature major BW Suggestions
#1648 Slashes swallowed when updating profile data bug minor BW Profile
#1830 Language change not respected if session resumed unknown minor BW Internationalization
#1835 Preferences: Problems with daylight saving time bug minor BW Profile
#1836 Save preferred language in cookie improve feature minor BW Internationalization
#1840 OSM: Switch from text view to map view behaves differently now improve feature minor BW Search
#1842 Map search: Zoom level between old implementation and new one differs improve feature minor BW Geo
#1863 System messages in personal sent box improve feature minor BW Mail
#1872 Notifications for comments in the image gallery new feature minor BW Gallery
#1893 reintroduce "my translators" tool new feature minor BW Internationalization
#1895 No possibility to decline special relation request improve feature minor BW Profile
#1900 Gallery: Improve picture upload and album structure improve feature minor BW Gallery
#1925 Notifications if a member is kicked or banned from a group improve feature minor BW Group
#1928 Reply button missing bug minor BW Group
#1939 performance issues on trip page improve feature minor BW Trips
#1953 Lost password should be challenge/response before password reset improve feature minor BW Profile
#1961 TinyMCE configurations: autosave plugin improve feature minor BW Forum
#1980 Sort my groups options improve feature minor BW Group
#1985 Improve the treasurer tool #2 improve feature minor BW Admin
#1990 Show hidden messages without content improve feature minor BW Forum
#1996 default language for saved login bug minor BW Internationalization
#2031 Monitoring tool for new signups for Safety Team new feature minor BW Admin
#2043 HTML in text body of forum/group notifications bug minor BW Group
#2056 Wrong error message when trying to reach a deleted thread unknown minor BW Forum
#2062 Posts not displaying when moderators post in a group they don't belong to bug minor BW Forum
#2132 trac rss not working planetcruiser bug minor Trac
#2135 Highlight people willing to host improve feature minor BW Search
#2155 Improve AdminComment steinwinde improve feature minor BW Admin
#2187 Replies to deleted profiles possible bug minor BW Mail
#2200 posts not saved (in forum) bug minor BW Forum
#2203 Galleries should point to members table improve feature minor BW Database
#2217 Warning message on alpha and beta bug minor BW Wiki
#2220 Mistakes on group creation/update not handled correctly bug minor BW Group
#2233 Unclear errortext when trying to kick/ban powerusers from group improve feature minor BW Group
#2238 Forum posts not in correct order bug minor BW Forum
#2246 User feedback while changing preferences improve feature minor BW Profile
#2252 Flag in trips map is misplaced bug minor BW Trips
#2263 Possibility to unsubscribe from single thread in group improve feature minor BW Group
#2272 Add button "set as read" to list of personal messages improve feature minor BW Mail
#2279 Remove priority ranking from Suggestion pages amnesiac84 improve feature minor BW Suggestions
#2280 Add Support Team to Get Active page amnesiac84 task minor BW About
#2282 Redirect /activities/ to 'nearme' improve feature minor BW Activities
#2284 Allow a way to be automatically sub scribed to all new forum thread new feature minor unknown
#1912 redirect forums/page1 unknown trivial BW Forum
#1922 group invitation to people who are already members bug trivial BW Group
#1950 FAQ editor adds unwanted line breaks bug trivial BW Admin
#2212 Forward slash in regionname blanks out page bug trivial BW Places
#2215 Hide "max. number of guests" when hosting status is "no". improve feature trivial BW Profile
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