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#1855 Privacy: RETIRED people show up with profile thumb in the forum assigned mahouni bug critical backlog
#1319 forum notification (options ?) new improve feature major unassigned
#1324 edit forum tags reopened improve feature major
#1431 forum notification - not for topic starter assigned jeanyves improve feature major
#1610 Wrong error message when opening hidden forum thread new bug major
#1708 Tags can be edited but are not updated new bug major unassigned
#1736 Target field in Insert/Edit link, has no effect needs_work TimLoal bug major backlog
#1876 Add to forum topics a small group picture beside group names on the forum page new unknown major In Discussion
#1883 Replace byCategory with featured groups on forum sidebar new unknown major unassigned
#1887 Forum reply page shows old thread title if changed by moderator new unknown major unassigned
#1905 Cron job to marble forum post doesn't work correctly new bug major unassigned
#1911 Forum und groups subscriptions not working properly new bug major unassigned
#1972 group settings for visibility of threads not working reopened bug major unassigned
#1988 Personal setting for visibility of posts new improve feature major unassigned
#2057 Permalinks not working in two-pages thread new bug major unassigned
#2063 The last post that is shown on the overview and discussion pages should not have the status deleted new bug major unassigned
#2104 Impossible to post message in some less used languages new bug major unassigned
#2111 duplicate notification from forums new bug major unassigned
#2112 Put BW related Groups under "BW forum" new bug major unassigned
#2120 Simplify unsubscribing from multiple thread subscriptions to_beta shevek improve feature major 2.8
#2134 Reply to activity new improve feature major unassigned
#1611 Wrong error message when opening non-existent forum thread new bug minor
#1709 Forums code misinterprets route when embedded in non-forums page new task minor
#1811 List of reported posts / send notification on report action new improve feature minor backlog
#1961 TinyMCE configurations: autosave plugin new improve feature minor unassigned
#1990 Show hidden messages without content new improve feature minor unassigned
#2007 translate newlines to <br /> when submitting forum posts in textarea mode new lantti bug minor backlog
#2056 Wrong error message when trying to reach a deleted thread new unknown minor unassigned
#2062 Posts not displaying when moderators post in a group they don't belong to new bug minor unassigned
#2200 posts not saved (in forum) new bug minor unassigned
#2238 Forum posts not in correct order new bug minor unassigned
#1912 redirect forums/page1 new unknown trivial unassigned
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