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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1728 Find a way to avoid comment spam new globetrotter_tt task critical backlog
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins assigned shevek new feature major unassigned
#1547 Autosave while clicking setlocation link on profile edit form new bug major
#1550 redirect after update my location new coroa bug major
#1589 Finish "last comments" implementation new planetcruiser new feature major In Discussion
#1652 Wrong relation messages on the personal start page new bug major
#1685 Send mails for special relationships new improve feature major
#1907 Allow importing and exporting profile data. new new feature major unassigned
#1910 Saving preferences redirects to BW in the preferred language new bug major unassigned
#2080 Make real name and DoB unchangeable new sitatara improve feature major backlog
#2123 Include profile comment text in notifications to members new improve feature major backlog
#2196 Show link to all groups on profile only if they exists (raise number if layout friendly) new improve feature major backlog
#1648 Slashes swallowed when updating profile data new bug minor unassigned
#1675 Make it possible to change a username new improve feature minor backlog
#1835 Preferences: Problems with daylight saving time new bug minor unassigned
#1895 No possibility to decline special relation request new improve feature minor unassigned
#1953 Lost password should be challenge/response before password reset new improve feature minor unassigned
#2011 E-mail confirmation when changing e-mail address assigned sitatara improve feature minor backlog
#2125 Changes to PassedAway profile status reopened shevek improve feature minor backlog
#2246 User feedback while changing preferences new improve feature minor unassigned
#2051 Relationship type "undefined" new bug trivial backlog
#2215 Hide "max. number of guests" when hosting status is "no". new improve feature trivial unassigned
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