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#2051 Relationship type "undefined" family and close friends, profile, relationship type new bug trivial
#2084 Disable messages to people who have deleted their profile message, deleted profile new bug major
#2187 Replies to deleted profiles possible messages, deleted profiles new bug minor
#1675 Make it possible to change a username change username profile new improve feature minor
#2123 Include profile comment text in notifications to members profile comment, notification new improve feature major
#2125 Changes to PassedAway profile status profile for deceased members, profile status, PassedAway reopened shevek improve feature minor
#2258 Add link to profile in messages mail message link profile new improve feature trivial
#1893 reintroduce "my translators" tool welen, translation, profile, comments new new feature minor
#1907 Allow importing and exporting profile data. csv, export, import, profile new new feature major
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