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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins assigned new feature major unassigned BW Profile
#1790 verification page shows the data of the wron information assigned bug major backlog BW Verification
#1797 Update location/signup should only show cities/towns/villages and only those starting with the entered text assigned unknown major backlog BW Geo
#2120 Simplify unsubscribing from multiple thread subscriptions to_beta improve feature major 2.8 BW Forum
#2189 Suggestion 91: Add a subject for messages new improve feature major unassigned BW Mail
#2276 Allow to send a reminder to confirm email address assigned unknown major backlog BW Admin
#1927 Make trip view 2 columns assigned unknown minor unassigned BW Trips
#2013 new topic button in groups overview assigned bug minor unassigned BW Group
#2125 Changes to PassedAway profile status reopened improve feature minor backlog BW Profile
#2251 FAQ questions can't be translated (easily) assigned bug minor backlog unknown
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