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#1498 Delete gallery from retired people new mahouni bug backlog critical
#1728 Find a way to avoid comment spam new globetrotter_tt task backlog critical
#1743 Hidden groups are not really hidden new jsfan bug unassigned critical
#1767 group member settings new improve feature unassigned critical
#1855 Privacy: RETIRED people show up with profile thumb in the forum assigned mahouni bug backlog critical
#1877 Generated images not browser cached assigned laurentS bug unassigned critical
#1976 Privacy settings for blogs do not work correctly new bug backlog critical
#2248 stiky header on small screens do not allow to select all items on menues new bug unassigned critical
#2254 Search by group leaks private information new bug unassigned critical
#2267 Do not allow to delete account without signing new improve feature unassigned critical
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