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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1808 changing name or adress in profile doesnt' invalidate the verification new bug major backlog
#1851 allow member to chose location of pin in the map search new improve feature major
#1879 Error in verification overview new bug major backlog
#1889 Add an "archived" folder for messages new improve feature major unassigned
#1920 cannot change group settings new bug major unassigned
#1972 group settings for visibility of threads not working reopened bug major unassigned
#2036 add rights for blogs, trips and activities. allow admin acces to those tools for edit or delete new improve feature major unassigned
#2089 misssing geonames info for buenos aires new bug major
#2103 Empty message when requesting to join a group if translation does not exist new bug major unassigned
#2109 missing "delete" option in polls new bug major unassigned
#2110 groups admin cannot edit groups new bug major unassigned
#2111 duplicate notification from forums new bug major unassigned
#2112 Put BW related Groups under "BW forum" new bug major unassigned
#2113 Removal of Queries for BW volunteers broken new bug major unassigned
#1893 reintroduce "my translators" tool new new feature minor unassigned
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