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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins assigned shevek major unassigned BW Profile
#1159 Option to merge groups new fake51 major BW Group
#1589 Finish "last comments" implementation new planetcruiser major In Discussion BW Profile
#1907 Allow importing and exporting profile data. new major unassigned BW Profile
#1952 bootstrap new crumbking major unassigned BW Layout
#2044 Tool to save and share Safety Team dossiers and file repository new major backlog BW Admin
#2170 Have a specific button to send hospitality requests new major unassigned BW Mail
#2261 Allow email reply to messages assigned leoalone major unassigned BW Mail
#1872 Notifications for comments in the image gallery new minor unassigned BW Gallery
#1893 reintroduce "my translators" tool new minor unassigned BW Internationalization
#1979 Add the possibility to be unverified new minor backlog BW Verification
#2031 Monitoring tool for new signups for Safety Team new minor unassigned BW Admin
#2072 Allow Safety Team to limit no. of messages a member is allowed to send new minor backlog BW Mail
#2284 Allow a way to be automatically sub scribed to all new forum thread new minor unassigned unknown
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