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#1794 retrieve most active groups and groups with most new members new major In Discussion BW Group
#1796 Update location/signup doesn't work correctly new major backlog BW Geo
#1797 Update location/signup should only show cities/towns/villages and only those starting with the entered text assigned shevek major backlog BW Geo
#1844 Search: Some location say no members found but shouldn't new major unassigned BW Search
#1871 locations widget new major unassigned unknown
#1874 Volunteer menu new major unassigned unknown
#1876 Add to forum topics a small group picture beside group names on the forum page new major In Discussion BW Forum
#1878 Switching between profile languages sometimes fails when UI language switches new major unassigned unknown
#1883 Replace byCategory with featured groups on forum sidebar new major unassigned BW Forum
#1887 Forum reply page shows old thread title if changed by moderator new major unassigned BW Forum
#1919 Some group descriptions can't be updated new major unassigned BW Group
#2229 Updating location doesn't work on Firefox (Android) new major unassigned unknown
#2276 Allow to send a reminder to confirm email address assigned shevek major backlog BW Admin
#1784 set up piwik goals (e.g. signup) assigned guaka minor unassigned ServerSetup
#1830 Language change not respected if session resumed new minor unassigned BW Internationalization
#1927 Make trip view 2 columns assigned shevek minor unassigned BW Trips
#2056 Wrong error message when trying to reach a deleted thread new minor unassigned BW Forum
#1912 redirect forums/page1 new trivial unassigned BW Forum
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