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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1740 admin words - check for right html and expected formated string new improve feature major
#2033 Admin comment tool should include history of comments new improve feature major backlog
#2036 add rights for blogs, trips and activities. allow admin acces to those tools for edit or delete new improve feature major unassigned
#2044 Tool to save and share Safety Team dossiers and file repository new new feature major backlog
#2073 Make processed spam reports easily available new improve feature major backlog
#2113 Removal of Queries for BW volunteers broken new bug major unassigned
#2117 moderators tool: only moderators can reply doesn't work new bug major unassigned
#2118 Pagination doesn't work when mods lock a thread using expiration date new bug major unassigned
#2276 Allow to send a reminder to confirm email address assigned shevek unknown major backlog
#1985 Improve the treasurer tool #2 new improve feature minor unassigned
#1997 Improve FAQ admin tool assigned sitatara improve feature minor unassigned
#2031 Monitoring tool for new signups for Safety Team new new feature minor unassigned
#2079 Add possibility to mark a spam message as being currently processed new improve feature minor backlog
#2155 Improve AdminComment new steinwinde improve feature minor unassigned
#1950 FAQ editor adds unwanted line breaks new bug trivial unassigned
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