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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#129 message/newsletter: expeditor of the email sent to personal mailbox assigned laurentS improve feature major backlog
#1795 "send message" button missing new improve feature major unassigned
#1889 Add an "archived" folder for messages new improve feature major unassigned
#2084 Disable messages to people who have deleted their profile new bug major backlog
#2130 "Compose message" button new improve feature major unassigned
#2163 outgoing messages not in the outbox. new bug major unassigned
#2170 Have a specific button to send hospitality requests new new feature major unassigned
#2189 Suggestion 91: Add a subject for messages new shevek improve feature major unassigned
#2261 Allow email reply to messages assigned leoalone new feature major unassigned
#1734 Email notifications of new messages, only one per day new improve feature minor
#1863 System messages in personal sent box new improve feature minor unassigned
#2072 Allow Safety Team to limit no. of messages a member is allowed to send new new feature minor backlog
#2187 Replies to deleted profiles possible new bug minor unassigned
#2272 Add button "set as read" to list of personal messages new improve feature minor unassigned
#2258 Add link to profile in messages new improve feature trivial unassigned
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