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#1743 Hidden groups are not really hidden groups privacy new jsfan bug critical
#1155 Add localised groups geo, forum, groups new micha improve feature major
#1861 group search should also search group descriptions groups, search new bug major
#1883 Replace byCategory with featured groups on forum sidebar forum featured groups new unknown major
#2104 Impossible to post message in some less used languages Forum messages utf8 translation groups new bug major
#2122 Make grou subscriptions more obvious groups, subscriptions new improve feature major
#2124 Wrong information about group activity for non members of a group groups, discussions, latest posts new bug major
#2191 Do not send notifications when translations are added groups, notifications new bug major
#2192 Do not send notifications when translations are immediately edited groups, notifications new bug major
#1768 Allow group admins to change the name of the group groups, easy new improve feature minor
#1980 Sort my groups options groups new improve feature minor
#2263 Possibility to unsubscribe from single thread in group groups, subscription new improve feature minor
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