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#250 Velocity tests on failed logins security,login,velocity,fraud assigned shevek new feature major
#657 Provide a way to see the history of change on a word adminwords versions membertrad new improve feature major
#1736 Target field in Insert/Edit link, has no effect Forum, Links, Target Field needs_work TimLoal bug major
#2033 Admin comment tool should include history of comments admin, comments new improve feature major
#2064 Allow login with an e-mail address login, e-mail new improve feature major
#2073 Make processed spam reports easily available spam, admin new improve feature major
#2154 Language sorting in the UI Language sorting new improve feature major
#2277 Remove automatic hosting status at signup hosting status, signup, maybe new amnesiac84 improve feature major
#1997 Improve FAQ admin tool FAQ, admin assigned sitatara improve feature minor
#2007 translate newlines to <br /> when submitting forum posts in textarea mode forum newline new lantti bug minor
#2079 Add possibility to mark a spam message as being currently processed spam, admin new improve feature minor
#2215 Hide "max. number of guests" when hosting status is "no". hosting, accommodation new improve feature trivial
#2258 Add link to profile in messages mail message link profile new improve feature trivial
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