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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1985 Improve the treasurer tool #2 new improve feature minor unassigned
#2013 new topic button in groups overview assigned shevek bug minor unassigned
#2210 country pages - wrong login to see more message reopened Tsjoek bug minor unassigned
#2222 Search - IE 8 UI bugs assigned crumbking bug minor unassigned
#2246 User feedback while changing preferences new improve feature minor unassigned
#2250 Redesign signup (mobile first) new crumbking improve feature minor 3.0
#1355 SEO URL re-write new Fake51 improve feature major unassigned
#1431 forum notification - not for topic starter assigned jeanyves improve feature major
#1547 Autosave while clicking setlocation link on profile edit form new bug major
#1551 Search trips creates an error new bug major
#1652 Wrong relation messages on the personal start page new bug major
#1661 Missing wiki pages new bug major unassigned
#1682 Error: Map Search while using Pagination on Win7/IE 9 new bug major backlog
#1685 Send mails for special relationships new improve feature major
#1740 admin words - check for right html and expected formated string new improve feature major
#1790 verification page shows the data of the wron information assigned shevek bug major backlog
#1902 privacy issue: upcoming trips and next visitors of your place shows protected and private subtrip/blog entries needs_work bug major In Discussion
#1952 bootstrap new crumbking new feature major unassigned
#1986 Mainpage - tab: find a host, quicksearch broken new bug major backlog
#2201 Add/delete solution - error new bug major unassigned
#1498 Delete gallery from retired people new mahouni bug critical backlog
#1855 Privacy: RETIRED people show up with profile thumb in the forum assigned mahouni bug critical backlog
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