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#2248 stiky header on small screens do not allow to select all items on menues new bug critical unassigned
#2254 Search by group leaks private information new bug critical unassigned
#2267 Do not allow to delete account without signing new improve feature critical unassigned
#2104 Impossible to post message in some less used languages new bug major unassigned
#2129 Forum e/mail notifications arrive with date-time of submitting to MTA and not date-time of original post. new bug major unassigned
#2136 Add the possibility to reply to hosting requests via e-mail new improve feature major unassigned
#2139 Allow administrators of closed group to see the motivation field of people asking to enter new improve feature major unassigned
#2170 Have a specific button to send hospitality requests new new feature major unassigned
#2181 problem with long words new bug major unassigned
#2253 Trips show outdated informations new improve feature major unassigned
#2260 Unable to log to www with elinks, works on beta (as 2015-01-14) new bug major unassigned
#2261 Allow email reply to messages assigned leoalone new feature major unassigned
#2271 It is not possible to resign for a closed group before being accepted new bug major unassigned
#2135 Highlight people willing to host new improve feature minor unassigned
#2252 Flag in trips map is misplaced new bug minor unassigned
#2272 Add button "set as read" to list of personal messages new improve feature minor unassigned
#2284 Allow a way to be automatically sub scribed to all new forum thread new new feature minor unassigned
#2270 piwik is bandwidth, client and server hogging new improve feature trivial unassigned
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