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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#129 message/newsletter: expeditor of the email sent to personal mailbox assigned improve feature major backlog BW Mail
#1598 Username check at signup too late needs_work bug major unassigned BW General
#1905 Cron job to marble forum post doesn't work correctly new bug major unassigned BW Forum
#1993 Maximum resolution of profile picture is never displayed new improve feature major unassigned BW Gallery
#1648 Slashes swallowed when updating profile data new bug minor unassigned BW Profile
#1768 Allow group admins to change the name of the group new improve feature minor backlog BW Group
#1996 default language for saved login new bug minor unassigned BW Internationalization
#2043 HTML in text body of forum/group notifications new bug minor unassigned BW Group
#2280 Add Support Team to Get Active page new task minor unassigned BW About
#2281 Change wordcodes on GetActive page assigned improve feature trivial unassigned BW About
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