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#1855 Privacy: RETIRED people show up with profile thumb in the forum mahouni bug critical backlog BW Forum
#1877 Generated images not browser cached laurentS bug critical unassigned FrameWork
#129 message/newsletter: expeditor of the email sent to personal mailbox laurentS improve feature major backlog BW Mail
#250 Velocity tests on failed logins shevek new feature major unassigned BW Profile
#498 translation tool: changing language when editing an entry should ask for confirmation Tsjoek improve feature major unassigned BW Internationalization
#1330 "Old pages" layout planetcruiser bug major Legacy Resolved BW Layout
#1431 forum notification - not for topic starter jeanyves improve feature major BW Forum
#1514 Archive BeVolunteer wiki and forum planetcruiser task major unassigned BW Wiki
#1790 verification page shows the data of the wron information shevek bug major backlog BW Verification
#1797 Update location/signup should only show cities/towns/villages and only those starting with the entered text shevek unknown major backlog BW Geo
#2261 Allow email reply to messages leoalone new feature major unassigned BW Mail
#2276 Allow to send a reminder to confirm email address shevek unknown major backlog BW Admin
#1784 set up piwik goals (e.g. signup) guaka unknown minor unassigned ServerSetup
#1886 Improvements to page /verifymembers/approvedverifiers sitatara improve feature minor backlog BW Verification
#1927 Make trip view 2 columns shevek unknown minor unassigned BW Trips
#1948 Gallery: Some special characters create errors when used in a picture description matt bug minor unassigned BW Gallery
#1997 Improve FAQ admin tool sitatara improve feature minor unassigned BW Admin
#2011 E-mail confirmation when changing e-mail address sitatara improve feature minor backlog BW Profile
#2013 new topic button in groups overview shevek bug minor unassigned BW Group
#2222 Search - IE 8 UI bugs crumbking bug minor unassigned BW Search
#2251 FAQ questions can't be translated (easily) shevek bug minor backlog unknown
#2281 Change wordcodes on GetActive page amnesiac84 improve feature trivial unassigned BW About
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