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Active Assigned Tickets, by Owner {4}

List assigned tickets, group by ticket owner, sorted by priority.

Active Bugs by Component {9}

Active Feature Requests and Feature Improvements by Component {10}

modified a week ago

Active Tickets {3}

Active Tickets by Component {2}

Active Tickets, by Priority {1}

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Color each row based on priority.

All BW Admin Tickets by Status {14}

All BW Blogs Tickets by Status {15}

All BW Database Tickets by Status {16}

All BW Forum Tickets by Status {17}

All BW Gallery Tickets by Status {18}

All Tickets {12}

All Tickets by Component {13}

SELECT p.value AS color,

component AS group, id as ticket, summary, t.type AS type, owner, status, milestone time AS created, changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, reporter AS _reporter

FROM ticket t LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' ORDER BY (component IS NULL),component, t.type, t.status, p.value, time DESC

All unassigned milestone tickets {23}

Shows all tickets that aren't assigned to any milestone

Backlog {24}

Lists all tickets that have been reviewed and accepted to be fixed.

Current Milestone {25}

Easy tickets {22}

Open tickets that are tagged "easy" for new members of the development team.

My Tickets {6}

New Tickets, in the last week {5}

List tickets assigned, group by ticket owner. This report demonstrates the use of full-row display.

Next Milestone {26}

Shows the content of the next milestone

Tickets by Milestone {11}

Tickets modified in the last 24 Hours {7}

Tickets modified in the last 7 days {8}

  • List all active tickets by priority.
  • Show all tickets owned by the logged in user in a group first.

Tickets that await deployment on alpha {21}

Displays tickets that have been tested successfully on a local clone and which need to be tested on alpha once fixes are deployed there.

Tickets that need testing on alpha {19}

Display all tickets that are set to "testing".

Tickets that need testing on local installs {20}

Displays all tickets that should be tested on local clones of Rox before being deployed on alpha.

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.