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Dedicated page for BW Treasurer

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Donations works well, donation bar has been restored, but they are several things which are missing in BW for the treasurer managment.

1) when a paypal donation is made, the donation bar follow the donation, but the real amount receive is not the one considered. For a donation of 100€ , 96.35€ are received. The pay pal fee is to be handled somewhere.

2) when a donation is made directly by Iban Transfer (no fees in Europe !), it is needed to add it manually for it to be seen on the donation bar. Up to now it has been done directly in the database but this is not satifying, a feature is needed for this, allowing to find back the member, add the comments and the amount, the references ...

3) after a donation by paypal complete, if the donator doesn't go back to the BW page, the donation is not recorded on the donation bar (but the money is received), this is another case for 2)

4) may be it is possible to add a way to query paypal for past donation and complete the not recorded one (this would also solve point 3)

5) switching of/on the donation bar. For now it can be done by the current treasurer with a SqlForVolunteer query (UPDATE params SET ToggleDonateBar = 1-(1*ToggleDonateBar) ) , this is also to be included in the real treasurer feature

6) a bug to fix: two columns of comments are since the very beginning: the member comment and the system comment, there is now problem because the display shows the system comment as the member comment so this is a coherent bug, but this is confusing for any programmer

7) other things ?

It could be a sub menu of the donation page only visible for Treasurer (Right : Treasurer)

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Good points all round. As I'm currently doing work on the BW admin I'll take this on - I think part of it is an admin/volunteer task, so better have some dedicated space for it, plus access where it's normally used. How urgent is this?

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by jeanyves

About urgency: since they are not tons of donations, this is not a deadly urgency. I would ask Gilbert to give his wish (we just talk about it and it was me who said that he was needing this since he has only seen one iBan concrete donation)

I think this is to be considered as a volunteer feature, not a task for admin even if it might happen in case of emergency

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by fake51

I think we disagree about the use of the word admin, not about the tool as such. Obviously the thing should be available to the treasure not 'bwadmin' or 'bwadmin2' but it still makes sense to have a place for it. You'll be able to reach it through the admin tools (as you can reach the comments tool, accepter tool, etc through there) but you'll also be able to reach it through the donation page.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by jeanyves

ok Peter, no problem

comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by fake51

A few personal notes, to remember:

  • data does not match data model (referencepaypal has lots of data that has nothing to do with paypal)
  • systemcomments contain comments from members in some cases
  • Money field is not used

Thoughts on db:

  • rename referencepaypal to reference, reflects the fact that it is not limited to paypal
  • fix bug with comments
  • remove or find use for Money field
  • introduce type field, to reflect paypal/bank transfer status

General thoughts:

  • if not already introduced, then create unique id to follow all paypal transactions. Log details of donator when leaving BW site, this should then allow treasurer to easily look up details if the donator doesn't return to bw after paypal (paypal will happily send the id back to us with confirmation of the donation)

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by jeanyves

You are right Peter, since it was initially made for paypal, referencepaypal was having some logig, referenceoftransaction (or just reference) whould have been  better

money field is to be used (I think) in case of $, but is probably buggy, I remember filling several of it manually. So find a use for Money field is a good idea, and always display the amount in the paypal converted currency (Euro) willl prevent confusion

The comment is a bug (it is my point 6), not visible for members but I completely understand it hurts you ;-)

One think I thought about is the email and the name of the donator, I think the name can be kept here, not a big problem, but the email is meaning less IF the donator is already a member. I don't know what the best choise is, and I always think it was a bit dangerous to gather email of donator in one place (the temptation to spam all donator in case someone found these data will be higher, and these email are also saved in paypal tables where the teasurer could retrieve them forever with the paypal tools).

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by fake51

Hmmm, I think it would be better if we make sure to convert all currencies to euros before storing them in the database - we'll have one hell of a hard time doing things afterwards, as we would have to store the conversion at the time as well plus it'll add confusion. I'd rather add a contextual field with the original amount in it's original currency (so, a varchar field like '10 USD' or '200 DKK') alongside the amount field - and then the amount is always in euros at whatever euros were worth at the time.

The note on the comments bug was just to make sure I remember what's going in with it :) Didn't want to point it out again (as you already did) just wanted to make a personal note ;)

We can drop the email if the member is logged in when making the donation, shouldn't be a problem. IdMember? is all we need for logged members.

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looks like the treasures have arranged themselves with the current solution.

maybe for welen?

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