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Extra line feed in forum post after editing a post and also in notification

Reported by: jeanyves Owned by: globetrotter_tt
Priority: critical Milestone: 0.5.3 - bugfixing
Component: BW Forum Keywords: extra lines, line feed
Cc: micha


We have plenty of linefeed in edited forum post

they are also extra linefeed in notifications

This might be a browser issue (Firefox and Chrome seems to differ in behavior)

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by jeanyves

I add some input of Tim and Leonardo

This was one of the things i looked at, I could not get to the bottom of it though. I'm not a PHP head.

If you are and want to have a look at the code, the message to be edited is writen into the text box in this file, from line 142

Here are the specific lines of code:

142 <textarea id="create-tags" name="tags" cols="60" rows="2" class="long" 143 <?php 144 In case we are in edit mode, this field is a read only, tags cannot be edited by members 145 lupochen asks: Why? 146 if ($edit) { 147 echo "\"readonly\"" ; 148 } 149 ?>><?php 150 the tags may be set 151 echo ($tags_with_commas) ? htmlentities($tags_with_commas, ENT_COMPAT, 'utf-8') : ; 152 ?></textarea>

On 27 September 2011 17:12, Leonardo Boselli <leo@…> wrote: withut looking a code i have a suspect, to reduce to half the search:

i have noted that if I edit a post in forum lines are duplicated in edit window; so either ther eis a bug in reading that doubles or in writing. People with acces to the real database can check if in the database the messages are stared correctly ? if so the problem is in the reading routine, else in the writing ! so reducing the hunt.

Leonardo Boselli Firenze, Toscana, Italia, Europa

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by globetrotter_tt

my guess it's the getAdvancedHtmlPurifier() function in ./modules/htmlpurify/lib/htmlpurify.lib.php:84

public function getAdvancedHtmlPurifier()
        require_once(SCRIPT_BASE . 'lib/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier.standalone.php');
        $config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
        $config->set('AutoFormat.AutoParagraph', true); // automatically turn double newlines into paragraphs
        $config->set('AutoFormat.Linkify', true); // automatically turn stuff like into links
        return new HTMLPurifier($config);

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globetrotter_tt: wow, nice find! :)

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