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Reported by: mahouni Owned by: planetcruiser
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.8
Component: BW Search Keywords: search order by inactive members
Cc: mahouni


Some of the "orange-maybe"s should have a better ranking in the result list of the map search feature.

This is a ticket to bring the active "oranges" up, so that they are listed before the inactive "green"s.

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by mahouni

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pushed to develop:

Ready for testing on alpha..

@planetcruiser: sorry for unauthorized adding of that ticket. if it wasn't okay, please reset that commit and maybe add to next milestone.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by sitarane

I'm not sure I understand how this works.

Searching in Leipzig, I get a bunch of greens in order of last connection, then a bunch of oranges in order of last connection, then greens again, but supposedly too old to be considered active.

The last of the 1st batch (greens) was connected last 8 month ago. The following one (2nd batch) is a orange that was connected yesterday. All good. Except that I get the feeling that 3 month is a bit a lot. A "maybe" that connected yesterday is a better bet than a "yes" that is 3 month stale.

The last of the 2nd batch (oranges) was connected 10 month ago, the following one (3rd batch) is a green. I was expecting that this green would be the next in line after the previous green (that ended the 1st batch), but it was last connected 3 weeks ago. So it should be in the first batch. Or there is another metric?

Then comes another batch of oranges, the first of which was connected 11h ago. Now we're kinda scrolled far from the top.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by toub

That's a great improvement!

But I agree with Sitarane, we should really give a big plus to very active people (e.g. last connection in the last 15 days).

Between "maybe" and "yes", there are not so much difference, especially because most of people in BW does not receive a lot of requests. Why don't just sort people by last connection date by default?

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by mahouni

Yes, you are right I have to explain how it works! But I wanted to get some feedback before telling the metric ;)

So let me (try to) explain first how it should work now with this ticket applied:

The search results are divided into two batches first: Those who have logged in at least once within the last 300 days will come before all those members who have not logged in. Both of these batches are splitted again: Inside the 2 batches all of the members who have filled the profile summary field will come before those who have that field empty. So now we have 4 batches and we split them even more: In all these 4 batches those who want to host (the greens) will come before the maybe hosts (the oranges). That makes 8 batches and these are now sorted by last login in first line.

Hmm, I hope what I write makes sense somehow... I can understand that you ask why so complicated, why not just order by last login: With last login as main and only criteria you will get good results: But there would be a wild mix of green and oranges, and in the first lines often empty profiles e.g. from recently signed up members will be shown. (At least at current state of Bewelcome where many members don't log in very often, but a steady grow of new profiles). First I wanted to filter the empty profiles by checking if there is a profile picture as the criteria. But that was too complicated (different db table etc.). Then I found that checking the profile summary field filters out the empty profiles too.

I agree that an active orange might be more interesting for someone who is searching a host than a green who has not logged in for some months. And I wouldn't mind to set criteria for not active at ~ half year. But I don't want to set last login as the default and mix the green and oranges completely in the search result (you can still do it with the advanced search). The reason is that I looked at it a little bit different: I don't think it is a problem to find a host with BW, rather we are lacking travellers. People are complaining that they don't get requests! So they don't log in anymore. In my opinion the goal at the moment is to channel the few travellers towards those who want to host. And there is an important difference between green and orange: orange is the default setting anyway, but those who really want guests will change it to green (in general).

When the situation maybe turns towards more travellers than hosts, and exhausted hosts, we might change back to mix orange and greens more, but at the moment I would be against that. Now the poor guys who have filled their profile except the profile summary: we should announce the importance of the profile summary field in a next newsletter. Maybe checking one or two more fields might help to avoid missing these potential hosts in the results, but can we agree on moving that to another ticket, later milestone?

Let me know if we should test now some variations of the settings or apply it like that and improve further in the next milestone.

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by mahouni

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comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by toub

It make sense.

That's a very important improvement, thanks!

comment:7 Changed 7 years ago by crumbking

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I tested on alpha.

Seems to work!

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