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bW accounts integrated with Trac accounts

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Often members who have an idea or a request are asked to create a trac ticket. This at first comes across as lazy, mostly because I'm used to some form of helpdesk, being the interface between the user and such a system and I still feel it is 50-50 as to which approach is better for bW.

I understand that it is kinda good to have the member write the ticket themselves, but feel that most members/user feel that they are not being supported, by being asked to use an unknown system, with an unknown audience to express their idea or request, in a meaningful and useful way. This approach runs into a brick wall, when after hunting for a bit the member discovers that no obvious create ticket link and gives up. If they continue and hunt a bit more they find, you need to login to create a ticket, a bit more hunting they find login, but no signup, at this point many people probably feel like they are not understanding something or just generally out of their depth and forget about it. On coming back to bW, probably to the post or message that requested them to create a ticket and proclaim, that they tried, but need an account and there is no obvious signup. They are then told that to get a trac account, one needs to be setup. People are often directed to the dev list, a second foreign system, often without a link provided, to do this, rather than contacting a the relevant member who can set this up, via a bWROX message. The member goes off and having got this far, probably does sign up and makes a request. Sometime later an account turns up by email and the user can then return to the first foreign system, try and work out the form and function of the system and its audience and create a ticket, if they can still remember the idea or request that they were originally thinking about a couple of days ago or are still in the mood and or have time to do it.

If we are going to request that members create tickets, bearing in mind that most members are not techs and have never used such a ticketing system, a point i feel that is often forgotten, could we at least let them go straight there and do it, by integrating the bW account logins with trac's or even simply duplicate all bW accounts in trac? They are on the same main domain name, so there should be an easy way.

As trac is an open source project in itself, maybe someone has already provide a solution to do this or maybe we could?

If this or other options to integrate trac with bW. Can we revise the procedure of creating tickets for ideas and requests raised by ordinary members?


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Close? Unlikely to be possible.

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i am closing for breaking every possible ticket writing rule alone. ;)

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