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Improving the Control of visibility to humans and bots

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Visibility is a tough cookie to get right! In situations like this the only thing I can see to do is to give choice, in abundance!

By giving choice of visibility, to known bots, humans, members, group, friends, on a per contribution ie each post/blog/comment.

Forum setting, should be able to limit, either, privacy or viability for threads and posts. ie for a community or other open forums or for more off the beaten track forums, that are open, but not advertised, ie that can be found and read, but don't come up in the general recent posts lists, unless you are a member, un outro exemplo.

We thought it was a good idea that brainstorming became bW members only, to keep it off of the recent posts list, but this was changed back, because members had to log on to see posts and there is no remember me or stay logged on function! Man this get circular after a while!

Coming from another angle, you may want to join a group, but not want it linked on your profile. Can we let people have some depth, whilst participating, by being able to choose that membership of a group, was not shown on your profile and your posting history on your profile. If people are forced to wear a badge, to be involved, some people will stay away from some groups, this is a shame and loses some of the human value of our community. Maybe even being able to participate in a group under an alias.

You may want non member human visitors to find and see your profile, blog, trip, but not be indexed on google or even in bWsearch, you don't want your boss finding it, por exemplo.

Greater individual and granular privacy choices, will keep most people happy, informed and free.


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