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#1833 new improve feature

Spam protection shouldn't count invite a friend mails

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Due to the spam protection is not possible to send more than 10 invite a friend messages per day.

As no spammer would use the invite a friend tool as it is far easier to just send bulk messages this should probably be changed.

I'd like to assign a high priority to this as it hinders people to invite others after migrating from CS which is a pity and might be there first impression of BW to be rather strict with things.

Possibly a hot fix after the OSM release?

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by laurentS

I had a quick look into this, and invites use a different limit to the mailing system.

Currently, in InviteModel::sendOrComplain() there's a check for $_SESSION['InviteCount'] > 50. I'm not 100% sure of how it works, but I assume that if you stay logged in for a while, you can hit that limit?

Did you hit a different limit?

Should I make the limit a setting (instead of hard coding it) so it's easier to modify?

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