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Gallery: Improve picture upload and album structure

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From a support ticket: "The picture upload/album(s) structure needs to be re-structured in a more intuitive way. It is very confusing, especially when one wishes to view a specific album. It is also complicated to organise pictures into albums because the new pictures become mixed with already existing pictures and there is no way to see into which album they have been placed. Once the pictures have been assigned to an album they should be marked or disappear from the total overview and only visible from within the album."

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Additional problems/suggestions mentioned by the member sammiekong in two threads of the feature request group:

1) "When i'm in my own gallery (i got in from my profile), instead of going back to my profile, i will be taken to the "community gallery" if i click the upper level. This means, our gallery is not under our profile, but under the so-called "community gallery". I think this is not what it supposed to be."

2) New pictures which are not sorted into an album don't show up in the album view at all. Suggestion is to show them on the same level as albums. Gallery should have 2 levels: 1st level: Pictures that don't belong to any albums & the albums; 2nd level: Pictures inside each album.

3) Latest pictures view shows pictures in no relevant order and no albums (just all pictures in chronological order - newest upload first). Allow user to sort them to display relevant pictures instead of latest pictures on profile.

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