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Cron job to marble forum post doesn't work correctly

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A cron job is scheduled to set the column 'OwnerCanStillEdit' in forums_posts every half hour turing them into marble. This obviously doesn't work correctly in some cases.

As the info when the post was made is part of the $post variable used in singlepost.php we could get rid of the cron job altogether and instead check the condition directly.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by shevek

If we want to keep the possibility of a moderator to enable editing for a user again we could use the OwnerCanStillEdit column differently.

A post will always be written with OwnerCanStillEdit = No. If the Column is set to Yes it overrides the marbling after half an hour. After editing 'OwnerCanStillEdit' is set to 'No' again.

Needs one single clean up run on the DB to set all 'OwnerCanStillEdit' to 'No'.

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