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Improvement to Location page at signup

Reported by: sitatara Owned by: sitatara
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At signup when you enter your location and click on "Search location" there is a problem on small screens (screen height smaller than 490) because it seems that nothing happens at all. Users would have to scroll down to see the results which isn't obvious. It looks like the location search just doesn't find anything (2 recent tickets to the support team were about this problem).

After clicking on "search location" the sentence "Click one of the locations below to select them and see them on the map." is displayed above the results. However, this also isn't visible on small screens.

Suggestion: Put this sentence right under the box where the location has to be entered, so that it's also visible on smaller screens and people know that they have to scroll down to see the results.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by railslide

Actually the whole "Search location" procedure seems to be a bit unintuitive (in the last month we had at least 5 tickets to the support team about this issue).

The problem seems to be that people do not understand that they need to click on "Search location".

So I would suggest to specify in the instructions under the search box that people have both to click on "Search location" and to choose from the list below.

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by sitatara

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I changed the existing instructions to include that people have to click on "search location" (that was only a change of the English translation).

Still open: To move the information that a location has to be selected from the results further up to be more visible.

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by sitatara

I just had another look at this. I believe it's better if the text above the results list remains where it is. However, I changed the English description below the "Search location" field again to make sure people understand what they have to do.

Now the text there is:

"Enter a city/village/etc. (and optionally a country or more details) and click on 'Search location'. Then scroll down to see the results, select your location and click on 'Save settings'."

Basically, the ticket is closed with these changes but I noticed a layout problem on the page (the text "Set your hosting location" breaks and as a result the input field is misplaced) for which I will commit a fix.

comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by sitatara

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I extended the width for the text "Set your hosting location" to avoid line breaks and to make sure the input box is below the text (not somewhere in the center of the page):

Please test locally.

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