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#1984 new bug

Doubled entry for "preferred language"

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While testing #1828 and #1852 we stumbled upon another, probably not related issue on (alpha/www; type of browser doesn't matter, but only on certain profiles)

The pulldown is always set to another language than the choosen standard. Checking the Database it turns out in midsch's and 408 other profiles have stored 2 preferred languages instead of one. This is probably an old issue.


  • Cleaning up the database
  • Controlling if double entries reappear (and find out from where and fix it;)

Old step by step description (saved just in case)

1) Starting Chromium, deleting all browser data "since the beginning of time" including cache, cookiesm website- and plug-in data löschen; auto fillin for forms is completely off; browser language is german, preferred language is german also

2) Restart browser

3) go to BEFORE Login: NOW: language is german (this was different 3 hours ago; also on a Firefox 19.0.2 language is german!) -> this was, was this ticket was about and looks fixed for me now.

4) Login, afterwards to - language is english (as I want to), but the pulldown for default language is set to German. 5) I can change the language and as a result this language is displayed, but the pulldown is always set to "german/duits/deutsch/niemcy/whatever"

6) logout

7) repeat 1-4 but login with another profile (made today) -> language pulldown is correctly set to English

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by crumbking

Question would be: How could that happened? DB cleanup might be the first solution but we should find out why this happened to the 408 members.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by midsch

You're right, finding out where the error is located, but this is probably an old issue and not happening anymore. That's why I'd go for deleting/correcting the entries and check after a while if this happens again.

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