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SSL situation summary

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Current situation: sends forms for signup, sign-in, verification and password change over SSL. These are all the places where the password is transmitted. However, it is still vulnerable to man-in-middle attacks. To improve this situation we could redirect users to a single https page to log in, and then meta-refresh out of https once logged in. is fully functional except for that we get mixed content warnings on any page with a map. We are not routing users onto https because of these mixed content warnings. OSM does not provide map tiles over https. I'm not sure what happens if we request OSM tiles over ssl cloudmade protocol. We could also proxy the tiles on our server.

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I don't quite follow on the first part. All SSL connections are vulnerable to MITM attacks. The only protection against that is users being cautious enough to check certificates and preferably even fingerprints.

I'm not sure what exactly the suggested change will fix and how.

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The only thing I mean is:

If is served by someone else, the user has basically no way of knowing. If is served by someone else, most browsers will give the user a certificate mismatch warning.

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