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#2072 new new feature

Allow Safety Team to limit no. of messages a member is allowed to send

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Component: BW Mail Keywords: spam, messages


Sometimes members are reported for spamming but it is not a clear cut case. In such cases we do not want to immediately ban the profile but contact the person first. However, in the meantime, it would be helpful to be able to limit the number of messages this person is allowed to write to avoid further spam messages.

Not sure how the solution would look like - either an Admin Tool which allows to limit the no. of messages for a member or a profile status which only allows 1 or 2 messages a day.

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comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by beatnickgr

I aggree that we need a limit, but 2 messages a day is definetely not enough. It happened to me that i go to the internet cafe and send 10 messages in 1 hour in order to find a host for the same day.

We only want to block real spammers (20 messages?) and keep them out for a long time (1 week?)

So i suggest the limit is 20 messages/week.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by shevek

You obviously misunderstood the idea of this ticket. It is not an automatic limit but has to be set in case of a likely spammer. Hosting request are easily distinguished from spam I'd say.

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