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Simplify unsubscribing from multiple thread subscriptions

Reported by: sitatara Owned by: shevek
Priority: major Milestone: 2.8
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From gk3coloursred (posted in the Suggestions System):

When I visit my Thread Subscriptions page ( to unsubscribe from a topic or topics I find the process to do this needlessly time consuming when I have multiple topics I wish to unsubscribe from.

In order to do this I have to unsubscribe one at a time - each time clicking the 'Unsubscribe' button next to a topic title before being taken to a page which tells me:

Unsubscribe operation successful!

You can see if you have other remaining subscriptions here.

I then need to click the small text link to return to the previous page to unsubscribe from the next topic I wish to stop receiving updates from...and so on. Many of the old topics they will be ones I replied to in the past and thus am likely to be covered by my group updates subscription anyway via e-mail. Many if not most of these will be 'dead' topics anyway, such as those referring to past events, but the list remains a useful way to check back on topics you found interesting enough to subscribe to.

This is not a problem if I only have one old topic I wish to remove from my subscriptions, but if I have many it is annoying and time consuming.

Would it be possible to implement a system to select multiple messages to delete all in one go?

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