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#2122 new improve feature

Make grou subscriptions more obvious

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Suggestion made in the Feature Requets Group:

When the option "I want to receive e-mail updates from this group:" is set to Yes, in the group "Member Settings", the discussions of these groups should show a info line like "Subscribed by Group Member settings", with a link to the Group Settings, instead of the subscribe button.

Since the subscribe option per individual discussion only has impact on the e-mails received when the option is set to No, I'm of the opinion that the button should only appear in this case.

The advantages of this feature on my point of view are:

  • Reduction of number of support tickets asking how to stop e-mails from discussions that are not subscribed.
  • Better presentation regarding the subscription features.

The same should also be applied to the check box "Notify me about events in this thread" when a member opens a new topic inside of a group he/she has subscribed to.

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