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#2124 new bug

Wrong information about group activity for non members of a group

Reported by: sitatara Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: backlog
Component: BW Group Keywords: groups, discussions, latest posts


For non-group members the group overview pages show wrong information about the activity of that group. If all group posts are group only, that page says: "There are currently no posts in the forum dedicated to this group. Start the first discussion!" which is not true. If there are a few (usually old) threads which are visible for others, they are shown but usually give the impression that the last activity in that group was a long time ago (while in fact a new group-only thread might just have been started). Both cases give a very wrong and adverse impression of our groups.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by lantti

That text could be changed to something like "There are currently no public posts in the forum dedicated to this group". Would that fix the wrong impression that there are really no posts made at all? For the other problem that some ancient public posts give the impression that there was no activity since then, there is already the line that says "The last post to this group happened on XXX" and that includes group only posts too. Although I admit that the line is quite small and doesn't easily grab anyones attention. I didn't see it at all before looking at the code and noticing that it must be somewhere...

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