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Have a specific button to send hospitality requests

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Suggestion 60 say this:

Improve quality of hospitality requests

Some members think that in comparison to other communities the quality of hospitality request is much lower on BeWelcome (than for example on CS). A lot of requests miss some essential details, or are incoherent. We need a way to help people to make the request in a way that is easily understandable by the person that has to reply.

Have a specific button to send hospitality requests

On each profile that has "maybe" or "yes" as accommodation setting offer a link (beside the one for messages) that leads to a page for hospitality requests.

This page will be similar to the one for messages but in addition to the text box for the message there is another text box for entering the date of arrival [that can optionally be left empty] and a short message taken from the profile of the addressee is shown that tells the sender which information should be supplied.

In case this field is not present in the addressee's profile a standard one is displayed, such "remember to write clearly in your message the date of arrival and departure, and the number of people you are".

The e-mail notification would have the subject "Hospitality request for date by sender" to make it more prominent on mailbox.

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comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by leoalone

The text that crumbking modified actually was my "official" suggestion.
Much time lapsed so i have other three requests:

  1. allow to send a request to himself. It would be useful in case you want to have all in a place also other request that has not arrived through the BW-Hostrequest (suc via a PM, on another community or just by voice), or to mark some days as unavailable (could be useful if the function could be integrated with a calendar application)
  2. allow to add a comment to requests, that could be read when browsing requests, but not sent to the other party;
  3. have a status for requests, as unanswered,pending,negotiating,hold,accepted,fixed,declined,canceled. A request when arriving is unanswered, the host can change to pending, that typically means that has taken in account but is waiting to answer, negotiating after having sent a reply, but waiting for more information, accepted if the host accept and is waiting the handshake by the guest,fixed if when both have accepted,hold if is waiting something (accepted under external suspensive condition, declined if before arriving to fixed has been refused by the host, canceled if at a certain point one of the parties decide to cancel. canceled has some substate id canceled by one of the parties before arriving to fixed state, or if after. In that case is shown who is the party that canceled.
    This status can be changed forward (but accepted to fixed) by the host and backward by each one.
    This would allow to move a fixed one again to renegotiating in case of a change is proposed (such a change of date).backward moves are only allowed to negotiating from any state and to hold from all but fixed. move to fixed is allowed only by the guest from accepted, move to accepted only by the host by any state.
    A request in negotiating state can be changed by any of party, so a change of dates or number of guest could be possible

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Remove this one from milestone 2.6 because it is quite full and no one found time to tackle this feature.

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