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inconsistencies in cryptedfields table

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While working on the preparation of the new testDB I found some inconsistencies in the cryptedfields table. There are :

  • 15 references that are showing up more than once.

=> If exactly 1 of the references matches the cryptedfields.idmember column, we can keep that. The other references should be set back to 0.

  • 3 refs that don't exist in cryptedfields

=> Should be set back to 0

  • 5568 id's in cryptedfields that don't exist as a ref.

=> They're not immediately harmful but could be deleted as a cleanup.

  • 253 cryptedfield.idmembers that don't exist as
  • 55 that don't have any cryptedfield.idmember
  • And maybe we should get rid of the 161 'NotSet' values in the tablecolumn column.

=> I think we should refill the idmember and tablecolumn columns based on data in addresses and members table. But of course we should also see if we can find out how these inconsistencies have started.

This is not only relevant for a cleanup purpose: accounts that have inconsistent data can experience problems when updating their personal information. With the data at hand, I can't see how many active accounts are involved though.

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