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#2215 new improve feature

Hide "max. number of guests" when hosting status is "no".

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Component: BW Profile Keywords: hosting, accommodation


From a support ticket:

"I am wondering why, when you choose "no, sorry" in the accommodation menu of the profile, the number of people doesn't go back on zero. Actually, there isn't even a zero on the number menu... Can we fix that? People keep asking me to host them even if I have been in "no, sorry" for ages."

I believe automatically setting the number to 0 is not the best solution though. If I cannot host temporarily I don't want to enter things again when I change the hosting status back to yes. However, it does not make sense to show a positive maximum number of guests on the profile if the hosting status is no. Therefore, I suggest to just remove this information from the profile while the setting is "no".

Additionally, allowing to choose 0 as max. no. of guests might make sense for people who cannot host at all.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by Tsjoek

Zero as an option is for technical reasons not possible, but hiding should be possible and makes indeed sense.

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