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piwik is bandwidth, client and server hogging

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Piwik is a program that was used to log navigation within a site. Actually the reason for it was to allow a site owner without access to server log (that on some hosting service are a premium service) to trace navigation in his site. On a system as those used by BW we have full access to the logs, so log ananlysis would be possible without resorting to such tracker. Removing completely it would have the following immediate effects:

  • reduces by nearly 60% data transfer and by almost 50% the page load time. This ones, expecially for a mobile user that could pay traffic by the kb or have a slow connection or a not so powerful device
  • complies with privacy setting (piwick leaves cookies in the user terminal, but BW pages do not have the option to disable its navigation tracking)
  • reduce the load on the server by about 30%
  • avoid the amateurish impression of people studying the html generated by not showing the use of the poor man log substitute.

Disadvantage: nothing, since all the data may be obtained by reading the apache logs that contains the same informations

(the reason that it is not cached is that it contain inside some not constant informations - note the different lenghts of the piwik.js download across the logs !)

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