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#2277 new improve feature

Remove automatic hosting status at signup

Reported by: amnesiac84 Owned by: amnesiac84
Priority: major Milestone: unassigned
Component: BW Signup Keywords: hosting status, signup, maybe
Cc: shevek


At the moment, a new member automatically gets the hosting status 'Maybe'.

Either let the new member chose his hosting status actively, or set it at 'Yes'.

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by leoalone

not good. had an odd personal experience.

Better would be to left in an "unknown" state. that is a forth state.

It would be more honest , and some people could be more interested in sending a message to these person awaking them.

could be anyway also a state to change the maybe one (that is substuting the "maybe") .

but definitely NOT setting to yes automatically. a yess is a sort of committment that have to be given with knowledge of what it means.

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