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Velocity tests on failed logins

Reported by: tobixen Owned by: shevek
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Component: BW Profile Keywords: security, login, velocity, fraud


During the last days at my work place, we've had incidents with one (or more) persons cracking into our site - probably using lists of usernames and passwords from the database of a competing company. I don't think it's a try-and-fail with random usernames and passwords, the hit-ratio (number of successful logins vs unsuccessful logins) is too big, and almost all cracked user accounts are from the same country ... I hope we are ahead of the situation now.

I'm somehow not paranoid enough to believe the same would happen with BeWelcome anytime soon ... but anyway we should be prepared for it.

The solution (as I see it) is velocity tests:

1) If we have more than, say, 3 failed logins towards the same user account, make a temporary login block (i.e. for 5 minutes) on this user account.

2) If we have more than, say, 20 failed logins from the same IP during one hour, this IP address should be temporary blocked. I think it's important to keep such a block invisible - the attacker should get error message about "wrong user name or login" all the time.

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I still think this is relevant, though not a priority. Many people have accounts on multiple hosting sites (i.e. CS, HC) and it's easy to assume that people tend to use the same password several places, and we should also assume that at least sysadmins on CS and HC may collect username/password combos if they want to.

Now the abuse potential isn't as high here as at my former work place - at my former work place people had accounts with a money balance, so there was a high incentive for fraudsters to break into as many accounts as possible and transfer out the balances.

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by TimLoal

I agree, that it is lower priority. I left it at major, because I feel it should have some emphasis over other really minor issues.

The scenario in the original comment, I feel was 'an' example, and not a bad one. I feel that this issue and other login related issues, should be looked at, collectivly, as a higher priority. A competent login with good member protection, is a first impression for most members and deserves some overall attention.


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Given the fact that BW tells you after a failed login that you typed the wrong password for a given user this is clear a major issue and should be fixed.

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The first step would be to always take the same time to repsond regardless if the user exists or not. Other things can be added later on I'd say.

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