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search engine optimization

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some things that should be done to get top listing in search engines and make sure that we show up with some useful text snippet.

  • page title:
    • page name - BeWelcome | some text (translated)
  • meta keywords:
    • never use exactly the same for more pages (gives you a penalty)
    • around 20 words, separated by comma
    • translated
    • don't repeat the keywords on paginated pages (leave blank on pages 2...x or use new, pages specific ones (eg. forum)
  • meta description
    • give a brief (up to 255chars) description of the content of the page and BW in general including the major keywords
    • translated
  • sitemap.xml
    • peter is working on it
    • never list the same page twice (even when different url)
    • remember that part of this will be displayed in the search results.
  • robots.txt
    • block access to all aliases (to make sure that we only have one url per content - several pages(urls) with the same content result in a penalty)
  • front page:
    • have the major keywords as nice text displayed on the page (use <h3> tags for this, they are considered to be most important here as far as I know)
  • never use hidden or tiny text or the same color as the background

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by lemon-head

Ok, here comes the technical implementation guide!

  1. look at the html sourcecode of the page you want to modify. There should be a comment in the header, saying "this page was created by the class xxx". For instance, PersonalStartpage.
  2. Look for the definition of this class in the PHP sourcecode, and its parent classes.
  3. Override the methods init() and getPageTitle(). The init() method should always call parent::init(), before doing anything else. This way you make sure that important settings in the parent are not erased.
  4. For translated text, use $this->wwsilent->WordCode or $this->wwsilent->WordCodeWithParams($x, $y, $z), where WordCode is a code of your choice, identifying a piece of translated text.
  • page title: is defined in the method getPageTitle()
  • meta keywords and description: You can set this in the init() method, saying $this->meta_keyword = ... and $this->meta_description = ...

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by crumbking

I just got the idea while opening a new thread in the forum we could move the text (or) part of it into <meta name="description" content="" /> and the tags into <meta name="keywords" content="" /> This would overwrite the globaldefault ones.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by fake51

To the best of my knowledge, you get penalized more for same title than you do for same keywords. I'm pretty sure that search engines will allow for paginated pages of search results: think of the alternative, to have LESS info about a given page (not something search engines are interested in). There it is just critical to indicate through page title, that it's not actually the same page (the contents will obviously change too

Also, in terms of SEO, linking is very important. Consequently, the more and BETTER links, the better things go. One way to get better links is better context - better names for links, using titles to provide more info (make sure the title doesn't equal the underlined bit of the link).

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Milestone Future deleted

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