Sep 7, 2008:

11:57 PM Ticket #698 (bug report) closed by midsch
duplicate: Duplicate of #697 (but thanks for reporting anyway)
11:02 PM Ticket #698 (bug report) created by robino
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by …
5:17 PM Ticket #697 (headers already sent by (output started at ...) created by guaka
https://www.bewelcome.org/bw/viewcomments.php?cid=97 gives Warning: …

Sep 5, 2008:

8:05 PM Ticket #696 (margin in pictures) created by enriqueguillen
The member pictures in forum notification mails should have a margin …
3:11 PM Communication edited by philipp

Sep 4, 2008:

9:32 PM Ticket #695 (Integrate picasa, flickr and more services into our trip-app) created by micha
Our gallery is cool. But its development is already limited. We surely …
10:21 AM Ticket #434 (improving the "Create New Task" page) closed by kiwiflave
fixed: Changed texts, should be fine now.

Sep 3, 2008:

11:11 PM Ticket #694 (Error: undefined varible at gallery sets) created by feuerdaemon
When you view the pictures of BeWelcome and click on the link in the …
10:45 PM NiceUrls edited by fake51
10:39 PM Ticket #693 (Places view fails when querying for a region that's not found) created by fake51
You get: Fatal error: Call to undefined method …
4:55 PM Ticket #692 (bug report) created by anonymous
BW Rox version: r5987 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT …
11:11 AM Ticket #691 (New Geo System) created by philipp
The old geo system (based on regions and cities tables) needs to be …
11:02 AM Ticket #316 (new geo database) closed by philipp
11:02 AM Ticket #318 (script to port member geodata from old to new DB) closed by philipp
9:52 AM Ticket #690 (Being able to manage profile translations) created by ocal5
Thanks to BW:Kiwiflave {{ I would like to delete a language …
9:35 AM Ticket #689 (The creation of the googlemap on a profile isn't working) closed by philipp
fixed: fixed on comment page
2:14 AM NiceUrls edited by lemon-head
12:36 AM NiceUrls edited by lemon-head
12:12 AM NiceUrls edited by lemon-head

Sep 2, 2008:

11:24 PM Ticket #689 (The creation of the googlemap on a profile isn't working) created by midsch
The creation of the googlemap on a profile isn't working, just two …
11:17 PM Ticket #688 (Footer link is broken) created by midsch
The footer is not included properly. Examples: * …
9:25 PM Ticket #686 (bug report) closed by guaka
fixed: alpha: r5984 and prod: r5985
3:00 PM Ticket #467 (static maps - on profile page and elsewhere) closed by micha
fixed: Ok, works on production BUT does still now work for other pages like …

Sep 1, 2008:

6:46 PM Ticket #687 (bug report - Line break in Design on statpage) created by feuerdaemon
BW Rox version: r5976 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT …
6:10 PM Ticket #599 (main page - broken layout in the teaser) closed by globetrotter_tt
6:08 PM Ticket #115 (Location breadcrumb on profile page) closed by globetrotter_tt
fixed: this was done in ticket #467
10:23 AM Ticket #686 (bug report) created by toxygen
BW Rox version: r5971 user agent: Opera/9.52 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS …
9:25 AM Ticket #685 (Big Problem with HTTP / HTTPS because of non-https content) created by jeanyves
BW Web site is using both real HTTPS page and HTTPS page which are (if …

Aug 31, 2008:

9:51 PM Ticket #680 (Broken profiles on ALPHA) closed by globetrotter_tt
duplicate: fixed in r5968. closing ticket as it is related to ticket #467

Aug 30, 2008:

3:21 AM Ticket #684 (menu items on public startpage show up in reverse order) created by lemon-head
Obviously this is caused by float:right as opposed to float:left. Now, …

Aug 28, 2008:

9:52 PM Ticket #681 (logged out while writing forum posts) closed by fake51
duplicate: Duplicate of #284
11:56 AM Ticket #683 (QuickSearch proposition) created by jeanyves
We have the find members and the advanced search which, need some smal …

Aug 27, 2008:

8:43 AM Ticket #682 (error - impressum) created by crumbking
Production: Warning: …
12:00 AM Ticket #681 (logged out while writing forum posts) created by mahouni
It`s very frustrating when you are logged out while writing (too long …

Aug 26, 2008:

3:53 PM Ticket #680 (Broken profiles on ALPHA) created by sitarane
I can't display any other profile than mine Example: …
9:56 AM Ticket #645 (comments are public!) closed by philipp
fixed: thats true, main problem is fixed, lets see how it works with the new …

Aug 25, 2008:

2:52 PM Ticket #679 (Include meeting application in trip application) created by mahouni
I don`t know if this is possible: At the moment you can attach your …
12:59 PM Ticket #678 (Trips improvements) created by micha
Let's collect things that have to be improved in the …

Aug 23, 2008:

6:36 PM Ticket #677 (404 page) created by fake51
We need 404s. As is, page not found redirects the front page which is …
11:14 AM Ticket #676 (FAQs and language selection) created by fake51
When viewing an answer to a FAQ, selecting a different language from …
7:59 AM Ticket #675 (unknown bug) created by enriqueguillen
I think that here there is an actual bug, but cannot find out what it …

Aug 22, 2008:

11:17 AM Ticket #583 (change "AboutUsSubmenu" to "About Us") closed by micha
11:00 AM Ticket #587 (shadow is missing below orange bar) closed by micha
fixed: fixed indeed
10:58 AM Ticket #573 (links in emails sent out by forum are broken) closed by micha
10:53 AM Ticket #491 (Bug - Redirected to the main page after clicking on profile after search) closed by micha
fixed: That should be fixed. Closing ticket for now.

Aug 21, 2008:

3:20 PM Ticket #355 (Reintroduce blogs and trips again!) closed by micha
fixed: I am crazy but rests moved to production in r5893-r5898. Please test.
4:02 AM Ticket #554 (profile linked to gallery) closed by micha
fixed: done in r5880. That's it for today.
3:11 AM Ticket #267 (Increase usability and write texts for gallery) closed by micha
fixed: done in r5872
1:53 AM Ticket #522 (Improving the wiki) closed by micha
fixed: moved to production in r5864

Aug 19, 2008:

2:16 AM Ticket #674 (Remove old BW stuff and save links in rox based /bw app) created by micha
This is an ongoing task. This ticket exists to keep track of related …
1:42 AM Ticket #673 (Simplify Navigation - Step 1 - Explore) created by micha
Create new explore application - show important applications that are …

Aug 17, 2008:

11:32 PM Ticket #296 (Improve country-pages) closed by micha
fixed: bugfix in r5778
9:35 PM Ticket #672 (Quicksearch show two results for the same profile) created by jeanyves
If you use the quick search for Robino, it display two line for Robino …
4:37 PM Session Variables edited by jeanyves
12:39 PM Ticket #671 (Bring dev.bewelcome.org to life again!) created by micha
dev.bewelcome.org has to mirror bevolunteer.org/trac
10:49 AM Ticket #670 (Proposition : create a Captcha to reduce Spamming) created by jeanyves
This is a proposition (and something which can be prepared as an …

Aug 16, 2008:

7:31 PM Ticket #666 (Can't search members at all!) closed by micha
5:01 PM Session Variables edited by guaka
copyedit (diff)
4:54 PM Session Variables edited by jeanyves
4:54 PM Session Variables created by jeanyves
3:06 PM ProgrammingGuideline edited by lemon-head
3:02 PM ProgrammingGuideline edited by lemon-head
1:32 PM Cache system edited by jeanyves
2:40 AM DevelopmentEnvironment edited by nicobn

Aug 15, 2008:

7:32 PM Ticket #669 (Resultpage of quicksearch doesn't "survive" updates) created by midsch
If you switch the language on the resultpage of quicksearch (or simply …
7:11 PM Ticket #668 (Link in Forumtitle breaks link to forum post) created by midsch
crumbking made a post with with a link within the title: "Bug …
2:53 PM Ticket #667 (Add contact-indicator to results in searchmembers) created by micha
We want to add some kind of indicator to the search results that shows …
2:52 PM Ticket #666 (Can't search members at all!) created by sitarane
If I do a search for members, I get the list, but then when I click on …
1:17 PM GeoSystem edited by philipp
1:08 PM GeoSystem edited by philipp
12:49 PM GeoSystem edited by philipp
11:44 AM BuildDocumentation created by philipp
11:43 AM WikiStart edited by philipp
11:41 AM GeoSystem edited by philipp
11:30 AM GeoSystem created by philipp
11:29 AM IntroDUctionToDatabase created by jeanyves
11:06 AM Documentation edited by jeanyves
10:47 AM NewGeosystem edited by philipp

Aug 14, 2008:

9:40 PM Ticket #665 (add a relation) created by enriqueguillen
https://www.bewelcome.org/bw/faq.php?IdFaq=71 If you open this faq, …
10:57 AM Ticket #661 (Problem with rights, changing adress) closed by jeanyves
fixed: Fixed
10:34 AM Ticket #658 (as) closed by jeanyves
9:20 AM Ticket #655 (Members count in all US states shows 341) closed by jeanyves
fixed: I have fixed it by re-programming the query with also some perf …

Aug 13, 2008:

6:39 PM Ticket #664 (show who is logged in) created by guaka
Since people are always using other people's computer it's important …
2:30 PM Ticket #663 (bug report - BW Forum) created by crumbking
I get an error while opening the following thread: …
10:35 AM Ticket #662 (bug report - images not displaying correctly) closed by crumbking
duplicate: dublicate see http://bevolunteer.org/trac/ticket/639
9:41 AM Ticket #662 (bug report - images not displaying correctly) created by anonymous
BW Rox version: r5713 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; …

Aug 12, 2008:

6:38 PM Ticket #661 (Problem with rights, changing adress) created by ocal5
BWuser : neo82 i wanted to update my adress but i got the message …
12:24 PM Ticket #660 (provide a way to notify the allowed translator of a profile when the ...) created by jeanyves
The idea is to give a chance to the members who have been granted the …
9:43 AM Ticket #659 (Provide a consistent way to manage Flags and Rights with Mod_RIGHT module) created by jeanyves
The two table rights and flags are twin table The idea is to have a …
8:39 AM Ticket #555 (ajax and json support in our framework) closed by philipp
8:39 AM Ticket #374 (creat new custom field) closed by philipp
8:38 AM Ticket #105 (Signup page - Improve handling of invalid user input) closed by philipp
duplicate: covered by #475, closing this one
8:36 AM Ticket #202 (Missing wording in signup) closed by philipp
wontfix: closing this as we work on a new version #475
8:34 AM Ticket #264 (Signup page city is not always accepted) closed by philipp
wontfix: this will finally be solved by #475, closing this one
8:33 AM Ticket #317 (location selector query logic) closed by philipp
duplicate: closing, duplicate with #315
8:29 AM Ticket #416 (signup strange problem) closed by philipp
wontfix: will be taken care of by #475, closing this one
8:28 AM Ticket #495 (Some signup problems) closed by philipp
fixed: logging issue take care of (but needs to be improved), further work on …
8:26 AM Ticket #518 (Signup process : "why not check password with JS ?") closed by philipp
duplicate: this will be taken care of in #475, closing this one

Aug 11, 2008:

7:12 PM Ticket #658 (as) created by jeanyves
I just see that someone has created a member 666 This is going to be …
7:09 PM Ticket #657 (Provide a way to see the history of change on a word) created by jeanyves
All data are recorded in previousversion table before being updated. …
7:06 PM Ticket #656 (Making a substitute available for adminwords) created by jeanyves
Sometime it is needed to change globally some words entries. It can be …
7:01 PM Ticket #654 (Create a priority for words to translate) closed by jeanyves
fixed: it works. The question now will be the tuning of it and how to decide …
9:12 AM PrivacyCheckList edited by philipp

Aug 9, 2008:

9:52 PM Download edited by guaka
1:03 PM Ticket #655 (Members count in all US states shows 341) created by timalsina
Total members count for each US states is defaulted to 341 instead of …

Aug 8, 2008:

6:06 PM Ticket #654 (Create a priority for words to translate) created by jeanyves
I have started to work on a priority for words to translate this is …
12:32 PM PrivacyCheckList edited by crumbking
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