Oct 20, 2008:

9:14 PM Ticket #797 (Gallery - error when creating a new photo album) created by feuerdaemon
If you create a new photo album you get the following error: …
12:04 PM Ticket #77 (automatic detection of language) closed by micha
fixed: moved to production in r6196

Oct 17, 2008:

10:11 PM Ticket #782 (bug report verifying member) created by robino
When at /verifymembers/prepareverifymember and the user to be verified …
11:51 AM Ticket #685 (Big Problem with HTTP / HTTPS because of non-https content) closed by philipp
fixed: for now we use https only for password submission during logn todo > …

Oct 13, 2008:

2:30 PM Ticket #366 (geo admin (temporary) to fix problems in geo tables) closed by philipp
wontfix: replaced by new geo system #691
10:54 AM Ticket #760 (not IPV6 compatible) created by philipp
we might at some point run into troubel as our public static …

Oct 11, 2008:

6:25 PM CoordinatorsGuideline edited by lemon-head

Oct 10, 2008:

12:03 AM Ticket #753 (New components for trac: BW Trips / BW Blogs / BW Gallery) created by midsch
For better categorizing of the tickets, we need for the new components …

Oct 9, 2008:

3:36 PM CoordinatorsGuideline edited by philipp
3:36 PM CoordinatorsGuideline edited by philipp
3:30 PM CoordinatorsGuideline created by philipp
3:09 PM Documentation edited by philipp
2:05 PM TheTeam edited by philipp

Oct 8, 2008:

5:19 AM Ticket #738 (Test ticket.) created by anonymous
BW Rox version: r6112 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT …

Oct 7, 2008:

3:40 AM Ticket #733 (Links to external pages should open in new tabs/pages) created
BW Rox version: r6112 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT …

Oct 5, 2008:

3:08 PM Ticket #688 (Footer link is broken) closed by midsch
fixed: This seems to be fixed with changesets 6053-55, at least I can't …
3:05 PM Ticket #726 (Error in left side actionbar at forums (subscriptions)) created by midsch
At https://alpha.bewelcome.org/forums there is kind of an error …
2:57 PM Ticket #725 (Formats for forum posts get lost) created by midsch
The new forum version on alpha eats up formats or differ them. …
2:47 PM Ticket #724 (MySQL error on linkpage to my forum posts) created by midsch
From https://alpha.bewelcome.org/bw/member.php?cid=USERNAME the link …

Oct 4, 2008:

11:12 PM Ticket #723 (latest pictures from flickr - layout bug) created by crumbking
BW Rox version: r6061 user agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; …

Oct 1, 2008:

9:44 AM Download edited by crumbking
the right link to the package (wamp) (diff)

Sep 28, 2008:

8:18 PM Ticket #721 (The green "last post" arrow does not work) created by crumbking
BW Rox version: r6017 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT …

Sep 27, 2008:

7:56 PM OwnerCanStillEdit created by jeanyves
7:55 PM ForumImprovements edited by jeanyves

Sep 25, 2008:

6:17 PM Download edited by lemon-head

Sep 22, 2008:

4:46 PM Ticket #720 (IE6 png transparency missing) created by mnemosine
win XP - IE6 - checking http://test.bewelcome.org/ the logo on the …

Sep 21, 2008:

7:08 PM Ticket #719 (BeWelcome Shop) created by crumbking
We have now a basic shop on test. The entry point are now with a …
11:28 AM Ticket #718 (message lost when you click on anti spam rules link) created by claudiaa
When you click on the Anti Spam Rules link after you have composed a …
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