Apr 2, 2009:

11:30 AM Ticket #1117 (Preferred language in tab "My Preferences" is shown twice) closed by micha
wontfix: fixed in new members-app. See #508
10:57 AM Ticket #1121 (add second comment to member, 'Where meet' is not formated well) closed by micha
wontfix: This has beend tested in the old members-app but is fixed in the new …
12:15 AM Ticket #1121 (add second comment to member, 'Where meet' is not formated well) created by neo82
see screenshot: on the first comment the place where we met is black, …
12:10 AM Ticket #1120 (Gramatic error in tetx on add special relation) created by neo82
just change the word 'relations' in sentence 'also adds you as a …
12:02 AM Ticket #1119 (AddComment: Change comment relationship type into singular) created by neo82
the normal case on BeWelcome is that behind one profile there is only …

Apr 1, 2009:

11:56 PM Ticket #1118 (Tab "My preferences" change text in 'Public profile') created by neo82
the text 'Note: In this case, any personal information will will be …
11:51 PM Ticket #1117 (Preferred language in tab "My Preferences" is shown twice) created by neo82
Preferred language, default language is shown twice, see screenshot
11:45 PM Ticket #1116 (Checkbox 'Please also consider the following restrictions:') created by neo82
In my oppinion the checkbox is not needed. If the following textbox …
11:29 PM Ticket #1115 (Warning in ShowFriends) created by neo82
login then url: http://alpha.bewelcome.org/link/showfriends Warning: …

Mar 26, 2009:

6:53 PM Ticket #1114 (statistics: no charts) created by freak of statistic
can`t see any charts on www.bewelcome.org/statistics (using internet …

Mar 20, 2009:

1:56 PM Ticket #704 (small lazout bug - profile page) closed by crumbking

Mar 18, 2009:

10:26 PM Ticket #1113 (sign up) created by miguelgrana@…
BW Rox version: r7295 user agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; …

Mar 15, 2009:

4:37 PM Ticket #360 (change of directory of forum breaks links on BW) closed by globetrotter_tt
fixed: this seems to work now.
4:25 PM Ticket #1023 (clicking "my account" and "my preferences" does nothing) closed by globetrotter_tt
4:24 PM Ticket #851 (bug report) closed by globetrotter_tt
4:22 PM Ticket #1102 (deleting language version in profile) closed by globetrotter_tt
fixed: this will be solved in #508
4:17 PM Ticket #81 (modify profile - spoken language) closed by globetrotter_tt
4:16 PM Ticket #438 (add gaelic to the spoken languages) closed by globetrotter_tt
4:15 PM Ticket #373 (More language in "Spoken languages") closed by globetrotter_tt
4:14 PM Ticket #372 (To be able to add a spoken language in profile, more quickly) closed by globetrotter_tt
fixed: this is fixed with the rox profile, also on the production database we …
3:32 PM Ticket #145 (page not displaying on IE5) closed by globetrotter_tt
11:50 AM Ticket #1112 (modify faq) created by enriqueguillen
In faq 45, How can I leave bewelcome? …
10:26 AM Ticket #1111 (cannot delete pictures from gallery) created by enriqueguillen
When I try to delete pictures from "my gallery" and I click the …

Mar 14, 2009:

3:51 PM Ticket #1109 (can't read msgs) closed by globetrotter_tt
duplicate: this was also reported in #1110
1:33 PM Ticket #1110 (SQL Error when I want to see my messagse outbox) closed by jeanyves
fixed: I just find the reason, I added a temporary new field in members table …
1:19 PM Ticket #1110 (SQL Error when I want to see my messagse outbox) created by lemon-head
The requested page was: …
8:30 AM Ticket #1109 (can't read msgs) created by enriqueguillen
Being in "messsages received" …

Mar 13, 2009:

7:52 PM Ticket #1108 (bug report: locations are not shown correctly on the map) created by stephang
BW Rox version: r7233 user agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; …

Mar 12, 2009:

8:37 PM WikiStart edited by globetrotter_tt
8:36 PM WikiStart edited by globetrotter_tt
5:45 PM Ticket #1107 (Create Notify - a notification application) created by micha
Notify should be an application that enables us to use notifications …

Mar 4, 2009:

10:26 PM Ticket #1106 (Tackle problems with TinyMCE (change to Nicedit maybe?)) created by micha
As we have had many complaints about problems with TinyMCE, we should …
3:07 PM Ticket #1105 (Error message on Local volunteer in "browse by country") created by Sitarane
For the countries that don't have a local volunteer, the field for …
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