Apr 14, 2013:

1:05 PM Ticket #1947 (Signup pages not SSL encrypted) closed by shevek
12:37 PM Ticket #1802 (Writing negative or neutral comment not possible when "We never met in ...) closed by shevek
11:25 AM WikiStart edited by shevek
11:24 AM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Apr 13, 2013:

1:52 AM Ticket #2006 (Piwik: Empty "urlref") created by planetcruiser
Issue: * Piwik stats show thousands of hits with "Page URL not …

Apr 11, 2013:

9:57 AM Ticket #1875 (settings for show my forum posts link on profile) reopened by shevek
@mahouni: As we don't disable the link if you have no forum posts and …

Apr 10, 2013:

10:52 PM Ticket #1875 (settings for show my forum posts link on profile) closed by mahouni
worksforme: Replying to shevek: > If you access …
2:12 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Apr 8, 2013:

10:41 PM Ticket #2005 (profile translation disappeared) created by beatnickgr
We're unable to view profile translation, except our own's. It sais …

Apr 6, 2013:

11:05 AM Ticket #2004 (Adding a link to user’s Notes in the “My account” menu) created by abyssin
The only way to reach the notes for a user is through their profile. …
4:17 AM ServerSetup edited by jsfan
added gpg, rsnapshot and iotop to puma (diff)

Apr 5, 2013:

8:37 PM DatabaseChanges edited by mahouni
list new preference at position 46 (diff)
11:51 AM Ticket #1824 (texts that should be translatable but aren't) reopened by sitatara
On the recent donations page: http://www.bewelcome.org/donate/list the …

Apr 4, 2013:

11:40 PM DatabaseChanges edited by mahouni
4:31 PM Ticket #2003 (Add an activity tool) created by shevek
Implement a basic activity tool that lets members create activities. …

Apr 3, 2013:

3:37 PM Ticket #2002 (Add group name to the notification e-mail) created by toub
When an user receives a notification from a group, the email does not …

Apr 2, 2013:

5:52 PM Ticket #1320 (preview funtion on the forum) reopened by sitatara
The preview button was removed with #1962. Please bring it back.

Mar 31, 2013:

6:02 PM Ticket #2001 (The Libyan flag has changed) created by sitatara
On http://www.bewelcome.org/places we show a flag for each country. …
12:54 PM Ticket #2000 (1.6 Regression: Plain text mail) created by arved
Before 1.6 deploy they looked like this (ugly, but at least readable): …

Mar 29, 2013:

1:41 PM WikiStart edited by arved
"currently" was more than a year ago (diff)

Mar 28, 2013:

7:52 PM Ticket #1999 ("Delete" button in BW inbox deletes message without any confirmation ...) created by sitatara
The "delete" button in the BeWelcome inbox is very conveniently placed …
7:21 PM Ticket #1998 (Add "Safety" as a menu item which leads to a "Safety" page) created by sitatara
The safety team would like to have a page to describe safety features, …

Mar 27, 2013:

9:33 PM Ticket #1997 (Improve FAQ admin tool) created by sitatara
1. There is no possibility to edit (rename), add, and remove FAQ …
9:05 PM Ticket #1769 (links to old code) closed by sitatara
invalid: I corrected all the links in the FAQs. Next time, please really …
1:43 PM Ticket #1996 (default language for saved login) created by dima42
we use browser language instead of user language in the following …
12:51 PM Ticket #1995 (Add Berber language) created by abyssin
A user asks the Support Team that Berber language be added.

Mar 26, 2013:

10:17 PM Milestone 1.6 completed
Milestone dedicated to language fixes. Additionally the gender …
3:15 PM Ticket #1994 (Viewing the front page after login with Lynx shows an error message on ...) created by lantti
Viewing the front page after login shows the following error message …
12:39 AM Ticket #1993 (Maximum resolution of profile picture is never displayed) created by jsfan
* Issue: When a profile picture is uploaded it is scaled to no more …
12:08 AM Ticket #1992 (hide current verification system until it works as intended) created by pablobd
verification system right now is too flawed in technical terms to even …

Mar 25, 2013:

8:11 PM Ticket #1969 (Separate overview for forum and group threads) closed by shevek
duplicate: Related ticket #1991. As that one already has a link to a working …
8:08 PM Ticket #1991 (New landing and overview pages for groups and forums) created by lantti
To respond to the demand for a clearer separation between groups and …
7:36 PM Changelog_1.6 created by shevek
6:37 PM Ticket #1809 (Language codes should be iso639-1 throughout the system) closed by shevek
6:33 PM Ticket #1858 (Add "city" for possible scopes in massmail tool) closed by shevek
6:26 PM Ticket #1750 (html escaping and filtering user generated text before display) closed by shevek
fixed: I did some checks and no nasty behaviour on the site that I could see. …

Mar 24, 2013:

10:14 PM Ticket #1929 (Sort order of FAQs does not follow sort order in FAQ admin tool) closed by sitatara
fixed: Tested it and it works now. Thanks!
9:04 PM Ticket #1748 (Creating a more user-friendly language chooser) closed by shevek
fixed: Closed as fixed then.
4:37 PM Ticket #1990 (Show hidden messages without content) created by toub
When a user is not logged, or not in a group, he just see the public …
2:36 PM DatabaseChanges edited by mahouni
2:13 PM DatabaseChanges edited by jsfan
updated for 1.5 (diff)
1:34 PM Ticket #1904 (Gallery: Delete button is ambiguous) closed by sitatara
fixed: Ok, button is clear now, thanks!
1:31 PM Ticket #1966 (Add an icon or the text [Sticky] to a sticky post) closed by sitatara
fixed: Looks good
11:39 AM DatabaseChanges edited by mahouni
11:03 AM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek
10:54 AM Ticket #1858 (Add "city" for possible scopes in massmail tool) reopened by shevek
A newsletter was send to the Berlin group. Obviously former members …

Mar 23, 2013:

2:16 PM Ticket #1332 (Negative comments are editable) reopened by sitatara
That is actually a policy of the Safety Team to avoid the possibility …
10:58 AM Ticket #1960 (TinyMCE configurations: spell checker) closed by shevek
fixed: The spellchecker is active in IE10 and Chrome 25 when replying to a …
10:42 AM Ticket #1989 (Search for countries broken) created by shevek
Follow-up to #1807: It does not fix the problem with Willemstad, …

Mar 22, 2013:

1:46 PM Ticket #1848 (plain text email notifications should not contain HTML tags) closed by sitatara
fixed: Since I made a new test profile today for the gender issue I can …
1:27 PM Ticket #1793 (Refactor "Add Note" Page) closed by crumbking
fixed: Changed the English version. Done
1:23 PM Ticket #1852 (Languages lists (for preferences)) closed by sitatara
fixed: I couldn't find any language which uses more space than provided, …
12:58 PM Ticket #1975 (Group members shown with username and age when browsing groups as non ...) closed by sitatara
fixed: I corrected the translation for GroupMoreMembers? to "%2$s to see %1$s …
12:55 PM Ticket #1988 (Personal setting for visibility of posts) created by sitatara
Currently, every member can set the visibility for his/her posts …
12:46 PM Ticket #1983 (Error on comment page (alpha only!)) closed by midsch
fixed: Test on alpha again, by updating my comment for shevek again. It's …
12:38 PM Ticket #1987 (Comments in groups are shown with username when logged out) created by sitatara
When browsing the groups without being logged in, all comments left in …
12:01 PM Ticket #1584 (gender options) closed by sitatara
fixed: Hiding works and shows no extra lines on profile and in search results …

Mar 21, 2013:

9:04 PM Ticket #1986 (Mainpage - tab: find a host, quicksearch broken) created by crumbking
Reproduce: type any town and it forwards to the map search but it …
8:30 PM Ticket #1828 (default language) closed by shevek
fixed: Debug stuff already deleted. -> Fixed.
7:58 PM Ticket #1956 (Improve the treasurer tool) closed by crumbking
fixed: Added a bank transfer donation. Seems to work. Improvements go to #1985.
7:53 PM Ticket #1985 (Improve the treasurer tool #2) created by crumbking
Tool works so far * except that we need a empty field in case we …
5:23 PM Ticket #1984 (Doubled entry for "preferred language") created by midsch
While testing #1828 and #1852 we stumbled upon another, probably not …
2:31 PM Ticket #1983 (Error on comment page (alpha only!)) created by midsch
There is probably a new error on alpha (can't reproduce on www): …
1:00 PM Ticket #1858 (Add "city" for possible scopes in massmail tool) closed by pablobd
fixed: works for me, thanks!
10:04 AM Ticket #1880 (TinyMCE doesn't work in mobile (android - dolphin browser)) closed by crumbking
fixed: As we have a preference for this now there is no need for testing it …
9:37 AM Ticket #1963 (TinyMCE configurations: possibility to disable WYSIWYGIEWC) closed by crumbking
fixed: Okay works now. Intendation is gone. Mark that one as fixed.
12:44 AM Ticket #1982 (e-mail notification of forum post do not follow e-mail rules for ...) created by leoalone
* Issue: Forum notifications do not carry information about the thread …

Mar 19, 2013:

8:39 PM Ticket #1959 (gender input in signup pages doesnt show all options) closed by midsch
fixed: * I was able to signup on alpha with gender = "other" (so there's only …
7:22 PM Ticket #1962 (TinyMCE configurations: consistent settings) closed by crumbking
fixed: yeah works. All forms show same icons.
6:46 PM Ticket #1954 (Increase number of messages on the messages list) closed by crumbking
fixed: * see 20 messages * no italic and smaller font. OK
2:32 PM Ticket #1720 (Sent messages can't be deleted) closed by crumbking
fixed: works for me! Deleted messages via via /messages/sent or via /messages/xxx
1:39 PM Ticket #1903 (German string on English page) closed by crumbking
fixed: jepp for me, too.
1:38 PM Ticket #120 (View message - "Reply" button should be at bottom of message, not in ...) closed by crumbking
fixed: Works on alpha.
10:57 AM Ticket #1873 (Forum: Add location and country of poster) closed by crumbking
fixed: Great work.
5:45 AM Ticket #1981 (Map search by keyword broken for many places in Asia) created by planetcruiser
Issue: * At most places I visited in the recent weeks entering a …

Mar 18, 2013:

8:19 PM Ticket #1858 (Add "city" for possible scopes in massmail tool) reopened by pablobd

Mar 16, 2013:

11:18 AM Ticket #1980 (Sort my groups options) created by toub
http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/mygroups Currently, the "My groups" …
11:14 AM Ticket #1979 (Add the possibility to be unverified) created by toub
It is currently not possible to be unverified. We could add a simple …

Mar 15, 2013:

5:49 PM BWbuntu edited by midsch
5:48 PM BWbuntu edited by midsch
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