Jun 1, 2013:

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May 26, 2013:

1:04 PM Ticket #2028 (If confirmation Mail is lost, there is no chance to complete the ...) created by arved
When the Errormessage appears that Login is not possible, because the …

May 19, 2013:

12:19 PM suggestions created by shevek
9:36 AM Ticket #2027 (Add a suggestion feature) created by shevek
As outlined in this BW …

May 17, 2013:

1:05 PM Ticket #2023 (Admin words: English source doesn't show UTF-8 character correctly) closed by crumbking

May 15, 2013:

9:56 PM Ticket #2026 (Groups listing: Show last post to a group) created by shevek
There is a spurious 'New forum thread' that doesn't show any …
9:53 PM Ticket #2025 (Make sort options for group search result clearer) created by shevek
First show the current sort order (. Second show which sort order …
9:47 PM Ticket #2024 (Rename Explore menu to 'Community') created by shevek
As discussed …
9:42 PM Ticket #2023 (Admin words: English source doesn't show UTF-8 character correctly) created by shevek
The Englisch source is echoed to the page using html_entities without …
9:40 PM Ticket #2022 (Extend the description field of an activity to provide up to 65535 ...) created by shevek
Change the type of the column description in the activities table to …
9:36 PM Ticket #2021 (Add sorting according to date of last post to group search list) created by shevek
Currently it is only possible to sort according to name, creation date …

May 8, 2013:

10:40 PM Ticket #2020 (impossible to create an activity for the same day) created by leoalone
(see …

May 7, 2013:

6:36 PM Ticket #2019 (Add link to FAQ when adding someone as family member or close friend) created by sitatara
The section "Family and close friends" is often misunderstood as a …

May 6, 2013:

9:54 PM Ticket #2018 (Statistic graph on number of member shluild have Y axis logaritmic) created by leoalone
Using a linear one with the increase of members the number of new …

May 2, 2013:

6:56 AM Ticket #2002 (Add group name to the notification e-mail) closed by shevek
fixed: Closed as fixed. With the first messages coming in from www.
6:56 AM Ticket #1982 (e-mail notification of forum post do not follow e-mail rules for ...) closed by shevek
6:55 AM Milestone 1.7 completed
This milestone will add an activities tool, offer a landing page for …
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