Sep 1, 2013:

5:59 PM Ticket #1714 (Improving the text editor) closed by shevek
worksforme: I close this ticket as TinyMCE works for most of the suggestion by …
5:40 PM Ticket #1822 (Only allow for forum topics inside a group) closed by shevek
wontfix: The current implementation of separated groups and BW forum seems to …
4:17 PM Ticket #1917 (Sign In Reminder) closed by shevek
fixed: Reminder is currently send out to all members that haven't logged in …
3:34 PM Ticket #1566 (Date field in edit profile form is a string) closed by shevek
3:32 PM Ticket #1614 (Database table geonames_cache inconsistent) closed by shevek
wontfix: The site is being migrated to a full copy of geonames in the next few …
3:30 PM Ticket #1658 (updatestats.php - change some SQL (trivial!)) closed by shevek
wontfix: This doesn't need an update as only a very few people have the beta …
3:26 PM Ticket #1673 (script for pages not loaded in main.js) closed by shevek
wontfix: Closing. The INSTALL file gives instruction how to run the site as a …
1:29 PM Ticket #2079 (Add possibility to mark a spam message as being currently processed) created by sitatara
In the Admin Spam tool you can only process a message as spam or …
10:34 AM Ticket #1995 (Add Berber language) closed by shevek
worksforme: Done.
9:07 AM Ticket #1829 (Country search lists the americas with errors) closed by shevek
fixed: Closed as fixed based on comment 20.
9:06 AM Ticket #1829 (Country search lists the americas with errors) reopened by shevek
Didn't know this ticket exist. So assigning it to 2.0 for completeness.
1:02 AM Ticket #1194 (groups overview does not show new threads) closed by Tsjoek
worksforme: Was fixed a while ago. The line now says : "Last Post" and really …
12:58 AM Ticket #1679 (missing group name in the notfication on the internal startpage) closed by Tsjoek
worksforme: Probably fixed somewhere on the way. The message in English is now: …

Aug 31, 2013:

11:52 PM Ticket #1829 (Country search lists the americas with errors) closed by Tsjoek
invalid: Trac doesn't allow me to say fixed, but the original issue has been …
11:39 PM Ticket #2078 (In groupsearch pagination and sorting don't go together) created by Tsjoek
On the group search page it is possible to order groups and browse …
11:00 PM Ticket #2077 (who is online is not linked with rest of the website) created by Tsjoek
Issue: /online shows a list of members currently online. Afaik there …
9:11 PM Milestone 2.0 completed
Done for this milestone were: * Update of the members search (second …
9:10 PM Ticket #1978 (Don't send profile picture (links) with the notification emails) closed by shevek
fixed: Received some notification mails after release. No profile picture …
9:09 PM Ticket #1670 (SwiftMailer 4.0.3 needs update to current version) closed by shevek
fixed: Some adjustments made after release. All types of mails received now …
3:57 PM Ticket #2076 (Mail transport broken after 2.0 release) created by shevek
Unfortunately no forum notifications and no signup mails are sent …
1:00 PM Ticket #2050 (Don't update date of comment when changing status in admin tool) closed by sitatara
12:59 PM Ticket #2058 (Improved errorhandling for IE on statspage) closed by shevek
fixed: Statistics page is live now. IE 10 shows the results just fine.
12:51 PM Ticket #1807 (Location search broken) closed by sitatara
fixed: Yes, that works now.
11:55 AM Ticket #1332 (Negative comments are editable) closed by Tsjoek
fixed: fixed. I can still edit a neutral/positive comment, but get a friendly …

Aug 30, 2013:

12:47 PM Ticket #2075 (Hide new members list for the first week of membership) closed by sitatara
fixed: I made a new test profile and I can't see any new members there. …

Aug 29, 2013:

10:59 AM Ticket #2074 (Msg after gallery deletion is untranslatable) closed by sitatara
fixed: Ok, got it. Message is translatable now.
10:36 AM Ticket #1582 (allow basic HTML in forms (htmlpurifier)) closed by sitatara
10:31 AM Ticket #1881 (Log in hint on places page can be easily missed) closed by sitatara
fixed: "Login to see more members" message is now much more visible than before.

Aug 28, 2013:

10:46 PM Ticket #1430 (change password page uneeded (already in mypreferences)) closed by shevek
fixed: Closed as fixed.
10:26 PM Ticket #1812 (Wrong password or username should result in same error message) closed by shevek
fixed: Same message is shown to the user now. Closed as fixed.
10:26 PM Ticket #1575 (Error messages in login widget are not translatable) closed by shevek
fixed: Tested and closed as fixed.
10:24 PM Ticket #2010 (Add a confirm e-mail address field at signup) closed by shevek
fixed: Just created a new account locally. Secong field for email address is …
10:19 PM Ticket #1694 (Search extremely inefficient) closed by shevek
worksforme: Combined several of the subqueries into the result fetching. Closed.
10:13 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek
10:10 PM Ticket #1942 (Ensure that geonames_cache is up-to-date) closed by shevek
9:59 PM Ticket #2075 (Hide new members list for the first week of membership) created by shevek
To avoid direct spam hits for new members the new members list will be …
12:34 PM Ticket #2068 (Prevent hosting requests on places wiki pages) closed by sitatara
invalid: Was resolved with the revision of the places pages.

Aug 27, 2013:

10:36 PM Ticket #2074 (Msg after gallery deletion is untranslatable) created by Tsjoek
Title says it all.

Aug 25, 2013:

6:14 PM Ticket #2054 (member search in Cologne: page never finishes loading/not showing any ...) closed by sitatara
fixed: Cologne works fine in the new search.
6:12 PM Ticket #1819 (Some places start with 'Province', others do not) closed by sitatara
fixed: Geonames update yielded the following results for the Netherlands: The …
5:28 PM Ticket #1773 (Country names) closed by sitatara
fixed: I checked the entry for FYROM: The name in Greek is now as preferred …
4:35 PM Ticket #1422 (translation of geo name) closed by sitatara
fixed: Tested some geo names in German, English and French and that worked.
4:31 PM Ticket #667 (Add contact-indicator to results in searchmembers) closed by sitatara
fixed: Tested it and it works.

Aug 24, 2013:

10:53 PM Ticket #2073 (Make processed spam reports easily available) created by sitatara
Once you tick the checkbox "I have processed it" for a message on the …

Aug 19, 2013:

10:59 AM Ticket #2072 (Allow Safety Team to limit no. of messages a member is allowed to send) created by sitatara
Sometimes members are reported for spamming but it is not a clear cut …
9:49 AM Ticket #2071 (Next visitors should show visitors in a wider area) created by sitatara
On the main page the next visitors to your location are displayed. A …

Aug 12, 2013:

3:24 PM Ticket #2070 (Invitation to groups is not translatable) created by sitatara
When a member is invited to join a group, he/she receives a message. …

Aug 10, 2013:

8:14 AM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Aug 9, 2013:

12:34 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek
12:26 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Aug 7, 2013:

4:49 PM Ticket #2069 (Forum subscription is automatically set when starting a thread in groups) created by sitatara
When you start a thread within a group, a forum subscription is …
12:18 AM Ticket #2068 (Prevent hosting requests on places wiki pages) created by sitatara
On the places pages there is a wiki page for each location. Especially …

Aug 4, 2013:

4:59 PM Ticket #2067 (Signup error says non-unique e-mail but no account with that e-mail exists) closed by sitatara
fixed: Works.
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