Nov 18, 2013:

4:06 PM Ticket #1999 ("Delete" button in BW inbox deletes message without any confirmation ...) reopened by sitatara
3:18 PM Ticket #2126 (Editing activity results in error message) created by sitatara
Every time I edit an activity that I set up for Berlin, I get an error …
3:16 PM Ticket #2125 (Changes to PassedAway profile status) created by sitatara
Please implement the following definitions for the "PassedAway?" …
2:59 PM Ticket #2124 (Wrong information about group activity for non members of a group) created by sitatara
For non-group members the group overview pages show wrong information …
2:53 PM Ticket #2123 (Include profile comment text in notifications to members) created by sitatara
When a member receives a profile comment (or that comment is updated), …
2:43 PM Ticket #2122 (Make grou subscriptions more obvious) created by sitatara
Suggestion made in the Feature Requets Group: …

Nov 17, 2013:

12:52 PM Ticket #2121 (Allow recurring activities) created by shevek
Several members asked for a possibility to create recurring activities.

Nov 16, 2013:

11:36 AM Ticket #2120 (Simplify unsubscribing from multiple thread subscriptions) created by sitatara
From gk3coloursred (posted in the Suggestions System): When I visit …

Nov 9, 2013:

8:16 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Nov 7, 2013:

10:34 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek
1:12 PM Ticket #2119 (Split workflows in AdminWord) created by Tsjoek
Currently one form is being used for creating,editing and searching …

Nov 5, 2013:

11:22 AM Ticket #2118 (Pagination doesn't work when mods lock a thread using expiration date) created by railslide
When setting thread expiration date in the past in order to lock a …
11:16 AM Ticket #2117 (moderators tool: only moderators can reply doesn't work) created by railslide
When a moderator tries to set a thread to "only moderators can reply" …

Nov 4, 2013:

9:33 AM Ticket #2071 (Next visitors should show visitors in a wider area) closed by Tsjoek
duplicate: see #2116

Nov 3, 2013:

7:13 PM Milestone 2.1 completed
Bugfixing release. * Get rid of the spurious 'Create ::column_col2()' …
7:13 PM Milestone 2.2 completed
Bugfix milestone
6:58 PM Ticket #2066 (Safety Team needs tool to hide comments while they are being edited) closed by shevek
fixed: Checked by the SafetyTeam?. Works fine.
6:58 PM Ticket #1994 (Viewing the front page after login with Lynx shows an error message on ...) closed by shevek
fixed: Massmailing now shows the sidebar again. Closed as fixed.
6:57 PM Ticket #2116 (Increase radius for people coming to my city) closed by shevek
6:54 PM Ticket #1999 ("Delete" button in BW inbox deletes message without any confirmation ...) closed by shevek
fixed: Works fine in the Inbox but if you click delete when displaying the …
8:58 AM Ticket #2116 (Increase radius for people coming to my city) created by shevek
Use a rectangle around the city of the member instead of the city id …

Oct 31, 2013:

7:32 PM Ticket #2115 (Sometimes messages couldn't be deleted) created by shevek
Several reports in the bugs groups point out that sometimes you can't …

Oct 26, 2013:

10:50 AM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Oct 25, 2013:

11:42 PM Ticket #2114 (Numbers in list and on map don't correspond.) created by beatnickgr
how to reproduce the bug: -go to mapsearch -enter a location -clic …
6:08 PM DatabaseChanges edited by shevek

Oct 24, 2013:

11:31 PM Ticket #2113 (Removal of Queries for BW volunteers broken) created by pablobd
When looking at the list of users that can execute a query there is …
11:18 PM Ticket #2112 (Put BW related Groups under "BW forum") created by pablobd
Since the implementation of this separation the "BW forum" part has …
9:38 PM Ticket #2111 (duplicate notification from forums) created by pablobd
Lately i'm getting notification of new forum threads twice. I suspect …
6:20 PM Ticket #2110 (groups admin cannot edit groups) created by pablobd
Current "group" rights should grant at level "10" and scope "All" the …
5:52 PM Ticket #2109 (missing "delete" option in polls) created by pablobd
The polls tool is mostly used for general assemblies and has a list of …
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